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Saturday, May. 25, 2024

VW swimmers compete in Lima meet

SANDRA GROOMS/independent sports

The Cougar swim teams traveled to Lima YMCA for the annual Lima Holiday Invitational involving 18 teams. The boys took seventh place overall while the girls finished 13. Lima Shawnee took first place for both boys and girls. Other schools participating included Coldwater, Versailles, Ottawa-Glandorf, New Bremen, Lima Central Catholic, Kenton, Lima Bath, Minster, Fort Recovery, Lima Senior, St. Marys Memorial, Botkins, Russia, Marion Local and Elida.

Eric Easley swims the breaststroke at the Lima Holiday Tournament. Photo by Mark Robenalt for the Van Wert independent

Eric Easley was the only medal winner for VWHS with a third place finish in the 100-yard breaststroke. He also finished in sixth place in the 200-yard individual medley.

Other scorers for the Cougar boys were Trey Stemen, eighth in the 200-yard individual medley and 13th in the 100-yard backstroke; AJ Foster, 14th in the 50-yard freestyle and 15th in the 100-yard freestyle; Adam Saylor, 16th in the 100-yard freestyle; Matt Cucciarre, 11th in the 500-yard freestyle; and Cody Hanes, 14th in the 100-yard backstroke.

Scoring for the Van Wert girls were Taylor Grooms, ninth in the 200-yard and 11th in the 500-yard freestyles; Erin Dingle, 14th in both the 200-yard and 500-yard freestyles; and Brittany Jurczyk, 14th in the 100-yard backstroke.

Both boys 400-yard freestyle relay teams scored: Stemen, Hanes, Saylor and Easley finished fifth and Kase Schalois, Daniel Silette, Jacob Scheidt, and Nathan Profit finished 16th. The 200-yard medley relay team scored 12. Members include Hanes, Stemen, Easley, and Saylor. The 200-yard freestyle relay team of Silette, Cucciarre, Schalois, and Foster finished 16th.

The 400-yard freestyle girls relay with Dingle, Jurczyk, Karlyn Koontz, and Grooms took 12th place. The 200-yard medley relay team took 14th place. Members were Jurczyk, Alex Czajkowski, Grooms and Dingle.

Girls Results (all distances in yards)

200 Medley Relay:  14th (2:14.05 – Brittany Jurczyk, Erin Dingle, Alex Czajkowski, Taylor Grooms), 29th (2:32.99 – Holly Hammond, Rebecca Johnson, Courtney Smith, Linzey Rice)

200 Freestyle:  9th (2:16.78 – Taylor Grooms), 14th (2:22.63 –Erin Dingle)

200 Individual Medley:  24th (2:59.24 – Karlyn Koontz), 26th (3:07.81 – Alex Czajkowski)

50 Freestyle: 43rd (31.79 – Linzey Rice), 45th (32.05 – Holly Hammond) 69th (34.48- Laney Ellzey), 76th (35.28 – Andi Foster, 80th (35.97 – Reed Wermer), 101st (38.91 – Courtney Smith), 118th (44.16 – Ann Warkentin)

100 Freestyle: 22nd (1:07.78 – Brittany Jurczyk), 42nd (1:14.46- Karlyn Koontz), 44th (1:14.74 – Linzey Rice),  68th ( 1:20.00 – Andi Foster), 69th (1:22.20 – Laney Ellzey

500 Freestyle: 11th (6:21.33 – Taylor Grooms), 14th (6:30.63 – Erin Dingle)

200 Freestyle Relay:  17th (2:10.47 – Karlyn Koontz, Holly Hammond, Rebecca Johnson, Linzey Rice), 24th (2:30.23 – Andi Foster, Reed Wermer, Courtney Smith, Linzey Ellzey)

100 Backstroke:  14th (1:15.01 – Brittany Jurczyk), 24th (1:20.81 – Rebecca Johnson), 25th (1:22.54 – Holly Hammond)

100 Breaststroke:  36th (1:29.63 – Alex Czajkowski), 57th (1:46.38-Reed Wermer), 62nd (1:52.16 – Courtney Smith)

400 Freestyle Relay:  12th (4:34.41 – Brittany Jurczyk, Karlyn Koontz, Erin Dingle, Taylor Grooms), 25th (5:20.93 – Andi Foster, Rebecca Johnson, Reed Wermer, Laney Ellzey)

Boys Results (all distances in yards)

200 Medley Relay:  12th (1:56.85 – Cody Hanes, Trey Stemen, Eric Easley, Adam Saylor)

200 Freestyle: 18th (2:14.63 – Matt Cucciarre)

200 Individual Medley: 6th (2:13.69 – Eric Easley), 8th (2:19.56 – Trey Stemen)

50 Freestyle: 14th (25.54 – A.J. Foster), 17th (25.81 – Adam Saylor), 31st (27.31 – Vincent Silette), 47th (29.32- Nathan Profit), 55th (30.08 – Daniel Silette), 74th (32.38 – Jacob Scheidt)

100 Freestyle: 15th (59.00 – A.J. Foster), 16th (59.11 – Adam Saylor), 23rd (1:01.48 – Kase Schalois), 32th (1:05.27 – Vincent Silette), 40th (1:07.48 – Shane Robenalt), 41st (1:07.48 – Nathan Profit), 52nd (1:11.56 – Daniel Silette), 63rd (1:16.70 – Jacob Scheidt)

500 Freestyle: 11th (6:09.44 – Matt Cucciarre)

200 Freestyle Relay: 16th (1:48.58 – Kase Schalois, AJ Foster, Vincent Silette, Matt Cucciarre)

100 Backstroke: 13th (1:05.17 – Trey Stemen), 14th (1:05:17 – Cody Hanes), 20th (1:12.24 – Kase Schalois)

100 Breaststroke: 3rd (1:06.19 – Eric Easley), 17th (1:16.14 – Cody Hanes), 28th (1:23.20 –Shane Robenalt)

400 Freestyle Relay: 5th (3:59.33 – Cody Hanes, Trey Stemen, Adam Saylor, Eric Easley), 16th (4:41.39 – Daniel Silette, Jacob Scheidt, Nathan Profit, Kase Schalois)

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