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Thursday, Oct. 21, 2021

Royal Review 2/1/12

LeeAnn Pratt and Jennifer Place, Speech Therapists with VWCS, recently visited the Kindergarten and Kindergarten + classes at St. Mary of the Assumption School. They presented a program using the "Expanding Expression Tool Language Development" method. This program helps children think more about an object and encourages word expression and thinking. The program utilizes 7 different circles, each helping the child to think about the items shown in terms of what it is, where it came from, what is looks like or is made of, where you would find it, and any fun facts about the object. The children enthusiastically look forward to this program. (Photo submitted.)

By Nancy Replogle

Can you walk like a penguin - or more importantly can you walk like a penguin balancing an egg on your feet? The second grade class at St. Mary's School has been studying penguins. One activity gave them a chance to practice their penguin walk while balancing an egg on their feet. This is not easy, as most of them discovered. (Photo submitted.)

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