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Monday, Feb. 26, 2024

Knights round third

By Shelby Ripley

A 4-1 victory over Sycamore Mohawk brought the Lady Knights to their eighth state appearance in the last ten years.  The softball girls travel to Akron today for a 12:30 start in the Division III State Semi-finals.  “Nobody really expected us to go to state again. We have a lot of experience and great chemistry. We plan on getting the job done this time,” said senior Taylor Springer about their opportunity.  Blessings go out to these consistent representatives of excellence and thanks to all those staff members and parents who have supported them thus far.

The track team wrapped up a great season last Friday. Highlights were the strong efforts by seniors Erika Frey and Layne Callow to advance from the Regional level.  The competition was strong, however, and they placed in the top eight but did not move on.  Callow did succeed in breaking the previous school record in the 400, 59.97, with her new record of 59.38.  The season was a growing experience in much more than just talk, as almost half the team was completely new to the sport. Sprint coach, Sara Owens, also a frosh this year, reflected, “We talked with the upperclassmen about the large number of freshmen and how a lot of this year would depend on how accepting they were of them.  We think they handled it well, and it has attributed much to our success this season.”

This year, Crestview is graduating several more scholars than will be announced on June 9.  That is, to avoid referring to them as anything senior, there are eight faculty members moving on to life after high school.  From the elementary, Mrs. Black, Mrs. Mefferd, and Mrs. Plas and, from the middle and high schools, Mr. Amundson, Mr. Hanover, Mr. Langdon, Mrs. Speelman, and Mrs. Sutton.

“There are a couple of things I’ve learned over the years.  I know not to take oneself too seriously and honesty is still the best policy.  I will miss most after school my students whom I love and my colleagues whom I admire,” said Jon Amundson of his dedicated career and upcoming retirement.

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