The Van Wert County Courthouse

Wednesday, Jan. 19, 2022

Real Estate Transfers 10/31/12

Diane Rose Breese, Diane Rose Manz, John Manz and John R. Manz to Alexander G. Barnhart, Whitney E. Schrader and Rhonda J. Michael, portion of section 5, Tully Township (Lake Park subdivision, lot 1 and portion of lot 2).

Kelly M. Williman to Timothy J. Williman, portion of section 11, Harrison Township.

Estate of Milton M. Schumm to Betty M. Schumm, inlot 3001, Van Wert.

Betty M. Schumm to Dennis W. Schumm and David M. Schumm, inlot 3001, Van Wert.

Indian Lake Ltd. to Tawinder S. Sangha and Kulvinder K. Sangha, inlot 4108, Van Wert.

Fannie Mae to William C. Kassaw and Jane L. Kassaw, portion of section 34, Ridge Township.

Fannie Mae to Stemen Properties LLC, portion of inlots 299, 300, Delphos.

Jennifer M. Adams, Jennifer M. Gerold and Jeffrey E. Adams to William A. Steinecker and Kathy L. Steinecker, inlot 1257, Van Wert.

Estate of Betty J. Brown to Gus R. Brown, portion of inlots 3052, 3055, 3051, 3050, 3053, 3054, 3056, 3274, Van Wert.

Estate of James H. Pontius to W. Jean Pontius, inlot 3515, Van Wert.

Lois H. Senko Inter Vivos to Sipe Farms LLC, portion of section 28, Willshire Township.

Estate of Patricia A. Stidham to Everett Earl Stidham, lot 6-16, Van Wert subdivision.

Shirley A. Couts to Casey Sean McConahay and Casey S. McConahay, inlot 3613, Van Wert.

Jennacres LLC to R. Byron Nolan Irrevocable Trust and M. Jeannine Nolan Irrevocable Trust, portion of section 5, York Township.

James Burdg and James D. Burdg to Danielle Buckner, portion of section 28, Harrison Township.

Paul D. Troxell, Holly J. Troxell and Hollie J. Troxell to Dennis R. Bidlack Trust, inlot 4099, Van Wert.

Robert E. Long and Marji Ann Long to Matthew Allen Young and Russell H. Young, inlots 352, 354, Ohio City.

Christopher David Sommers, Sara Ann Schmitt, Sara Ann Sommers and Christopher D. Sommers to Mary Jane Watkins, outlot 9-2, Delphos.

Raymond Eyanson, Bun Sun Eyanson and Raymond A. Eyanson to Roy A. Eyanson, inlots 405, 406, 559, 550, Ohio City, portion of section 15, Liberty Township.

George M. Pierce and Lola Maye Pierce to George M. Pierce Irrevocable Trust and Lola M. Pierce Irrevocable Trust, inlot 3711, Van Wert.

George M. Pierce Revocable Trust to W W Frey Farm LLC, portion of section 20, Hoaglin Township.

George M. Pierce Revocable Trust to George M. Pierce Irrevocable Trust and Lola M. Pierce Irrevocable Trust, inlot 2585, Van Wert.

Lola M. Pierce Revocable Trust to W W Frey Farm LLC, portion of section 20, Hoaglin Township.

Lola M. Pierce Revocable Trust to Lola M. Pierce Irrevocable Trust and George M. Pierce Irrevocable Trust, portion of inlot 2585, Van Wert.

Devin D. Sheets, Shay N. Sheets and Shay Sheets to John M. Ellis and Alaina L. Ellis, portion of section 9, Jackson Township.

David M. Schumm and Janet M. Schumm to Dennis W. Schumm, inlot 3001, Van Wert.

Melissa K. Markward and Melissa Markward to Mitchell L. Markward, portion of lot 1-5, Middle Point subdivision.

Deborah S. Rickard to Jason John Nussbaum, portion of section 2, Liberty Township.

Chester M. Straley to Joshua W. Caldwell and Joy B. Smith, portion of section 30, Union Township.

Theresa E. Parkanzky to Michael D. Meyer, portion of section 36, Pleasant Township (Moore-Wise subdivision, lot 7).

Richard C. Hugel Family Trust and Elizabeth L. Hugel Family Trust to Richard C. Hugel, portion of section 9, Jennings Township.

Eileen H. Holdgreve Revocable Trust to Hoagie 6 LLD, portion of section 26, Washington Township.

Estate of Sherman R. Gould to Mary L. Gould, inlot 131, Willshire Township.

M. Joan Workinger, M. Joan Workinger Johnson, John W. Johnson, Daniel D. Workinger and Lori A. Workinger to Patrick Hakes, portion of section 18, Willshire Township.

George F. Weck Irrevocable Trust to Kyle Eugene Hamrick, portion of section 23, Harrison Township.

Joshua Caldwell to CMS Holdings & rentals, portion of inlot 2663, Van Wert.

Bank of New York Mellon to Jack D. Davis and Monica L. Davis, inlot 99, Wren.

Stan D. Owens Living Trust to S D O Family Farms Inc., portion of section 14, Harrison Township.

George D. Hessel Living Trust and Betty A. Hessel Living Trust to JRK Hessel Farms LLC, portion of sections 14, 7, 6, Hoaglin Township.

POSTED: 10/31/12 at 12:45 pm. FILED UNDER: Real Estate Transfers