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VW swimmers 5th, 9th at Lima tourney

Van Wert swim teams

LIMA — The Cougar swim team traveled to Lima for the annual holiday invitational involving 17 teams, including seven Western Buckeye League schools.

The boys took fifth place, while the girls finished ninth.   Versailles took first place for the girls, with Celina winning the boys’ competition. Other schools participating included Coldwater, Versailles, Ottawa-Glandorf, New Bremen, Lima Central Catholic, Kenton, Lima Bath, Minster, Fort Recovery, Lima Senior, St. Marys Memorial, Lima Shawnee, Marion Local and Elida.

Van Wert's Sam Easley swims in the 100-yard butterfly race at the Lima Swim Invitational. (photo submitted)
Van Wert’s Sam Easley swims in the 100-yard butterfly race at the Lima Swim Invitational. (photo submitted)

Highlights of the boys’ day included Eric Easley earning first place in the 200-yard individual medley; Easley also earned a second place finish in the 100-yard backstroke.

Scoring for the Cougars were Dan Silette in the 100-yard backstroke, Kory Schlatter in the 100-yard backstroke, Jacob Scheidt in the 100-yard freestyle, Adam Jurczyk in the 100-yard freestyle, Sam Easley in the 50-yard freestyle and the 100-yard butterfly, Josh Overholt in the 100-yard breaststroke, and Cade Fleming in the 100-yard breaststroke. Cougar boys scored in every event, except two.

Scoring for the Lady Cougars were Holly Hammond in the 100-yard freestyle, Andi Foster in the 200-yard individual medley and 500-yard freestyle, Karlyn Koontz in the 200-yard individual medley, Hannah Stemen in the 100-yard backstroke, Bethany Fast in the 100-yard breaststroke.

Five of the six boys’ relay teams scored. The best finish was second place by the 200-yard freestyle relay team (Sam Easley, Jurczyk, Jacob Scheidt, and Eric Easley). The Cougar “B” 200-yard freestyle relay team (Isaac Rager, Joe Linser, Kory Schlatter, and Nathan Ireland) earned a 16th place finish. The 400-yard relay teams took fourthand sixth; members of the “A” team were Jacob Scheidt, Adam Jurczyk, Sam Easley and Eric Easley, while 400-yard freestyle “B” team members included Overholt, Fleming, Tyler Rex, and Silette.

The 200-yard medley relay “A” team scored, taking 12th place; members included Silette, Overholt, Tyler Rex, and Cade Fleming.

All three girls “A” relay teams scored. The best finish was recorded by the 400-yard freestyle with Hammond, Fast, Foster and Stemen, which took sixth place. The 200-yard freestyle with Hammond, Landrie Koontz, Fast and Stemen claimed 11th place, while the 200-yard medley relay team took 15th place. Members of that team were Peyton Fleming, Karlyn Koontz, Foster, and Landrie Koontz.

The next meet for the Cougars will be against Bryan High School at the Williams County YMCA on January 7, 2014.

Girls Results (all distances in yards)

200 Medley Relay:  15th (2:16.79 – Peyton Fleming, Karlyn Koontz, Andi Foster, Landrie Koontz), (2:39.66 –LeAndryce Miller, Madison Pauquette, Skylar Lehman, Megan Jacobs).

200 Individual Medley:  8th (2:42.38 – Andi Foster), 9th (2:42.92 – Karlyn Koontz)

50 Freestyle:  (28.08 – Hannah Stemen), (28.81 – Holly Hammond), (29.72 – Bethany Fast), (30.23 – Peyton Fleming), (230.82- Mackenzie Agler), (32.55 – Haley Richardson), (33.32 – Madison Pauquette), (34.00 – LeAndryce Miller), (34.17 – Olivia Profit), (35.03 – Meagan Jacobs), (36.95 – Allie Hall), (37.15 – Erika Strawser), (37.36 – Olivia Mengerink), (39.35 – Katlyn Freeland), (39.47 – Jean Rex-LaRue)

100 Freestyle:  15th (1:04.20 – Holly Hammond), (1:11.90 – Mackenzie Agler), (1:14.68 – Haley Richardson), (1:18.69 – Olivia Profit), (1:20.36 – Meagan Jacobs), (1:23.30 – Allie Hall), (1:25.17 – Olivia Mengerink), (1:25.55 – Jena Rex-LaRue), (1:30.29 – Katlyn Freeland)

500 Freestyle:  8th (6:26.99 – Andi Foster)

200 Freestyle Relay:  11th (1:55:72 –Holly Hammond, Landrie Koontz, Bethany Fast, Hannah Stemen), (2:10.76- Mackenzie Agler, Madison Pauquette, Peyton Fleming, Haley Richardson), (2:26.31 – LeAndryce Miller, Allie Hall, Olivia Mengerink, Meagan Jacobs), (2:34.03 – Olivia Profit, Katlyn Freeland, Jena Rex-LaRue, Erika Strawser)

100 Backstroke:  6th (1:09.80 – Hannah Stemen), (1:21.14 – Peyton Fleming), (1:28.82 – LeAndryce Miller), (1:33.58 – Erika Strawser)

100 Breaststroke:  14th (1:22.35 – Bethany Fast) (1:26.50 – Karlyn Koontz), (1:33.81 – Landrie Koontz), (1:37.42 – Madison Pauquette)

400 Freestyle Relay:  6th (4:24.02 –Holly Hammond, Bethany Fast, Andi Foster, Hannah Stemen), 12th (4:48.80 –Mackenzie Agler, Haley Richardson, Landrie Koontz, Karlyn Koontz), (5:33.02 – Jena Rex-LaRue, Olivia Mengerink, Skylar Lehman, Allie Hall)

Boys Results (all distances in yards)

200 Medley Relay:  12th (2:02.83 – Dan Silette, Josh Overholt, Tyler Rex, Cade Fleming),  (2:13.06 –Nathan Ireland, Isaac Rager, Kory Schlatter, Joe Linser)

200 Freestyle:  (2:43.00 – Joe Linser)

200 Individual Medley:  1st (2:07.20 – Eric Easley)

50 Freestyle: 4th (23.64 – Sam Easley), 14th (25.92 – Jacob Scheidt), 15th (25.99 – Adam Jurczyk), 15th (25.99 – Dan Silette) (26.04 – Josh Overholt), (26.44 – Tyler Rex), (27.33 – Cade Fleming), 28.74 – Nathan Ireland), (29.53 – Kory Schlatter), (30.28 – Joe Linser), (30.46 – Isaac Rager)

100 Butterfly: 4th (59.11. – Sam Easley)

100 Freestyle:  14th (57.74 – Jacob Scheidt), 16th (57.95 – Adam Jurczyk), (1:00.69 – Tyler Rex), (1:03.18 – Nathan Ireland), (1:05.07 – Isaac Rager)

200 Freestyle Relay:  2nd (1:36.59 –Sam Easley, Adam Jurczyk, Jacob Scheidt, Eric Easley), (2:00.33 –Isaac Rager, Joe Linser, Kory Schlatter, Nathan Ireland)

100 Backstroke:  2nd (55.94 – Eric Easley), 5th (1:07.93 – Dan Silette), 12th (1:09.81 – Kory Schlatter)

100 Breaststroke: 12th (1:17.21 – Josh Overholt), 13th (1:17.55 – Cade Fleming)

400 Freestyle Relay:  4th (3:38.31 –Jacob Scheidt, Adam Jurczyk, Sam Easley, Eric Easley), 6th (4:03.10 –Josh Overholt, Cade Fleming, Tyler Rex, Dan Silette)

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