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Friday, May. 20, 2022

Firefighters seek smoke detector funds

VW County firefighters’ information

When stopping at Walmart to shop on the weekends of July 12, 19, and the 26, look for firefighters who will be at the store entrances, taking donations from anyone who wants to give to firefighters’ “No Child Left Unprotected” smoke detector project.

The goal of this endeavor, which currently being undertaken by all Van Wert County fire departments, is to put a smoke detector in the homes of every child in Van Wert County … up through 12th grade.  The smoke detectors would offer protection for children and their homes for the next decade, thanks to a special 10-year battery installed in them.

Firefighters know this endeavor is a large undertaking, and, as such, are asking the Van Wert County community to partner with them in making this project a success. By doing so, all involved will help protect the lives of the children in Van Wert County in the event of a house fire.

All donations are appreciated, and every handful of extra change provides the ability to protect a young life.

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