The Van Wert County Courthouse

Saturday, Jan. 29, 2022

4-H Clever Clovers Meeting #9

By Ali Gemmer

At Grace Bible Church from 4-5 p.m. on June 29, 4-H Clever Clovers had their ninth meeting.  The members split off into groups according to their 4-H books and finished up demonstrations.  Then Erin Richardson called the meeting to order.   A piece of paper was passed around for attendance and Catherine Kopack led the 4-H pledge.  Gabbie Perkins gave a Health and Safety Report that compared the health of two foods and Erin Gemmer gave a Treasurer’s Report.   Members were reminded that judging is on June 21 and registration can be done online.  The club was also reminded that 4-H Camp Palmer is next week and answered any questions.  The next meeting will be on July 20 at the usual location from 4-5 p.m.

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