The Van Wert County Courthouse

Monday, Jul. 22, 2024

Ohio Challengers 4-H Club meets

The Ohio Challengers 4-H club met at the Edgewood Park in Convoy.  There were 33 members, two advisors, and three visitors present.   Ashley Dealey led the meeting while Holden Thornell led the club in the Pledge of Allegiance, and Breena Grace led the 4-H pledge.

A Health report by Maddie Lamb was given about the dangers of laundry detergent pods.  Small children mistake them for candy.  Keep them out of their reach.

A safety report was given by Morgan Dowler who reminded us to use sun screen in the summer to protect our skin from the sun.  Don’t forget to cover your head with some kind of hat, and wear sunglasses to prevent damage to your eyes.

Demonstrations were given by Preston Kreischer on how to make pennies shine by using a vinegar and salt solution.  His project is Chemistry in the Kitchen.  Breena Grace talked about how to select a dairy beef feeder.  Makenna Tice gave hers on the variety of Ohio birds.  Dylan Hicks gave his demonstration on the different kinds of baseball pitches including the proper way to hold the ball to make each pitch work.   Holden Thornell explained the parts of a fish as part of his fishing project.  Micaela Lugabihl brought her rabbit and showed how to handle and present them at the show.  Dalton Sidle did his demonstration on gardening by explaining that he and his father are working on a fertilizer applicator.  This will help him fertilizer his garden better and faster.  Hattie Bouillon’s project is pocket pets.  She brought her hamster in its ball to show us.

Business was covered by Mrs. Wortman.   Animal judging will be on August 6.  Each member should have received a mailing from the Extension Office about how to sign up for miscellaneous judging.  Judging will be held at the Van Wert Middle School on July 21.

Mrs. Wortman encouraged all members that are 15 years or older to apply for Junior Fair King or Queen.  There is also a prince or princess contest for each type of animal.


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