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Monday, Aug. 15, 2022

100 days of school

The first grade class with Norma “Toddy” Rozelle-Diers. (Photo submitted.)
The first grade class with Norma “Toddy” Rozelle-Diers. (Photo submitted.)

St. Mary of the Assumption Catholic School celebrated being in session for 100 days on Friday, Jan. 30. Students in each grade took part in both educational and fun activities through out the day.

On that day the first grade class had a very special visitor, Norma “Toddy” Todd Rozelle-Diers. Toddy is 100 years old and continues to live on her own in Delphos.  She came to visit the first grade class to tell about her life as a child.  She shared many differences between life today and when she was growing up.  She said she felt that the washing machine was the invention that made her life easier than it had been.  She also shared with the students that when she was a child, the telephone was a ‘box’ on the wall.  Today, she has a cordless phone.  Toddy’s words of advice to the students were “Whatever you do, do the best that you can.” and “The more you learn, the better your life will be.”




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