The Van Wert County Courthouse

Wednesday, May. 18, 2022

Real Estate Transfers 3/30/16

Cheryl D. Puzon to Bruce Mox and Cindy Mox, inlot 552, Delphos.

Craig A. Crosby and Stacey D. Crosby to Daniel J. Eversman, portion of lot 220-9, Van Wert subdivision.

Tod M. Scheer, Dawn E. Scheer, and Dawn Scheer to David E. Johnson and Cassie R. Johnson, lot 7, Delphos subdivision.

Jonathan R. Straley to Sandra L. Burk, inlots 2009,3959, Van Wert.

Isaac Ortiz, Sara McClure, and Sara Ortiz to Porfirio E. Ortiz and Wendelin K. Ortiz, portion of section 7, Harrison Township.

John Trammel to Klinger Investment Properties LLC, inlot 1105, Van Wert.

Kevin W. Dorsch and Julie A. Dorsch to Austin J. Treesh and Olivia A. Serna, inlots 267, 268, Ohio City.

Brittany N. Pessefall, Chad A. Pessefal, Whitney N. Bigham, Scott L. Bigham, and Chad Pessefall to Christen A. Pessefal, portion of inlot 161, Van Wert.

Dwight A. Rhoades Trust Agreement and Constance L. Rhoades Trust Agreement to Bruce Bok, portion of section 32, Tully Township.

Larry D. Robeson, Linda S. Robeson, Ronald E. Robeson, Linda Sue Robeson, and Ronald Robeson to Darin J. Figel, inlot 2195, Van Wert.

Estate of John C. Hoffman to Linda M. Hoffman, portion of section 34, Washington Township.

Edwin R. Hileman Trust and Patty A. Hileman Trust to Steven D. Thomas and Melissa R. Thomas, portion of section 13, Willshire Township.

James D. Pohlman and Darlene A. Pohlman to Sugar Shack Ltd., portion of inlot 611, Delphos.

Randall J. Pohlman and Pearlann H. Pohlman to Pohlman Farms Performance Hybrids Ltd., portion of section 9, Jennings Township.

Darlene A. Pohlman and James D. Pohlman to Flat Fork Ltd., inlot 1119, portion of inlot 611, Delphos.

Robert D. Sowers and Patricia Sowers to Michael Robert Sowers, Kevn Eugene Sowers, Brenda Kay Smith, and Brian Patrick Sowers, portion of outlot 147, Van Wert.

Burdette A. Bolenbaugh and Kathleen C. Bolenbaugh to Burdette A. Bolenbaugh and Kathleen C. Bolenbaugh, portion of section 15, Liberty Township, outlot 59, Van Wert.

Sandra K. Hartman to Daniel W. Rhoades and Ginger L. Rhodes, outlot 10, Scott.

Trevor R. Webster Living Trust to Robert Wagner and Julie R. Wagner, portion of section 33, Pleasant Township.

Dena M. Vaughn, Dena M. Klinger, and Todd Vaughn to Nathan E. Jackson, inlot 185, Delphos.

Cheryl A. Beckmann, Donald Beckmann, and Donald Beckman to Rachel A. Munshower and Andrew Robert Munshower, portion of section 26, Washington Township (Mox addition lots 8 and western portion of 9).

Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation to Adam Custer, lot 6-31, Van Wert subdivision.

Amy Johns and Ricky Johns to David Lee Leal and Sandra Leal, inlot 2293, Van Wert.

James V. Worthington Jr. to Brent W. Burke and Lisa M. Burk, portion of section 8, Harrison Township.

Cindy Dickman and T. Jeffrey Dickman to Dickman Family Trust, portion of section 5, Liberty Township, portion of section 32, Pleasant Township.

Louise Lillian Lozano and Louise L. Lozano to Charles R. Lozano, portion of inlot 145, Delphos.

Leon B. Sager Revocable Trust and Doris M. Sager to Bernard A. Beckman Estate and Mary Lou Beckman, portion of sections 34, 35, Washington Township.

Ruth A. Warnecke to Ronald S. Wells and Linda F. Wells, inlot 1870, Van Wert.

LSF8 Master Participation Trust to Creative Home Buying Solutions Inc., inlot 1533, Van wert.

Timothy K. Miller and Kathleen A. Miller to William R. Huebner and Marie Huebner, portion of section 22, Washington Township.

Carl Stevens and Rebecca L. Stevens to Carol Stevens, lot 51, Delphos subdivision.

Carol Stevens and Carol Keane to Cade R. Bevington, Courtnie L. Rostorfer, and Timothy J. Keane, lot 51, Delphos subdivision.

Estate of Mary E. Robeson to Darin J. Figel, inlot 2195, Van Wert.

Estate of Elsie M. Stahr to Jack L. Stahr, portion of inlot 3797, Van Wert.

Tim A. Rolsten and Patricia A. Rolsten to Tim A. Rolsten Family Trust and Patricia Ann Rolsten Family Trust, portion of sections 19, 34, 10, 17, Pleasant Township.



POSTED: 03/30/16 at 1:05 pm. FILED UNDER: Real Estate Transfers