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Saturday, Jun. 22, 2024

Blind inlet being installed near Rockford

VW independent/submitted information

ROCKFORD — The Van Wert Soil & Water Conservation District hosted a Field Day on Tuesday to highlight the installation of a blind inlet and a waterway on land belonging to Darrell Ricketts at 8847 Van Wert Mercer County Line Road near Rockford.

The blind inlet, being installed through the Lake Erie Nutrient Reduction Program, is being used to improve water quality and agricultural production by reducing nutrient runoff and controlling water levels in fields after harvest and during the growing season, ultimately enhancing production.

Blind inlets are placed in the lowest point of farmed depressions to minimize the amount of sediment and potentially other contaminants that would be transported to receiving ditches or streams.

Another benefit to the farmer using a blind inlet is the ability to drive equipment over the inlet, as opposed to having to drive around a standard tile riser.

Several people also spoke at the field day, including Mark Segar, Ohio Department of Agriculture, engineer; Craig Higbie, SWCD technician, and Ricketts.

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