The Van Wert County Courthouse

Monday, Dec. 5, 2022

Real Estate Transfers 8/31/16

William J. Matthews and Sandra K. Matthews to Nathan C. Metzler, inlot 999, portion of inlots 1002, 1000, 1001, Van Wert.

Estate of Richard W. Crider to Robert Spath, inlot 1970, Van Wert.

David J. Kessen, Sandra Kessen, and David Kessen to Mathew Rau and Melissa Rau, portion of section 3, Washington Township.

Constance A. Hahn and Constance Hahn to William A. Hahn, portion of inlot 114, Delphos.

Sheryl Ann Spurlin, Mary Katherine Weck, Harry E. Dunn Jr., Harry Eugene Dunn Jr., and Diana K. Dunn to Alexander S. Greutman, inlot 68, Scott.

Larry L. McClure and Larry McClure to Nancy Saam, inlot 3681, Van Wert.

Todd E. Ruble, Lynnette R. Ruble, and Phil E. Ruble to Todd E. Ruble and Lynnette R. Ruble, portion of section 31, Tully Township.

Beth Ann Mercer, Beth Ann Marchek, Michael R. Marchek, and Beth A. Marchek to Michael R. Marchek and Beth Ann Marchek, portion of inlot 113, Wren.

Todd E. Joseph to Richard E. Joseph, portion of inlot 164, Delphos.

Patricia J. Mathew to Jeremy L. Stemen, portion of outlet 155, Van Wert.

Sheila Couch to Shelley L. Pease, inlot 557, Van Wert.

Nicholas C. Missler to Michael L. Belanger, portion of section 21, York Township.

Debra C. Ryan to Sean M. Sauer and Heather A. Sauer, portion of inlot 2239, Van Wert.

Robert W. Koenemann Revocable Trust and Paula O. Koenemann Revocable Trust to Triple L. Farms Limited Partnership, portion of section 9, Harrison Township.

Carol M. Hegemier to John E. White and Kathy L. White, portion of inlots 704, 705, Van Wert.

POSTED: 08/31/16 at 12:54 pm. FILED UNDER: Real Estate Transfers