The Van Wert County Courthouse

Monday, Aug. 8, 2022

Real Estate Transfers 4/12/17

Citizens National Bank to Johnathon A. Dirham, inlot 491, Ohio City.

Dale Lee Sanderson and Darla Sanderson to Dale Lee Sanderson and Darla Sanderson, portion of section 30, Jackson Township.

George L. Webb, Shirley A. Webb, and Shirley Webb to Van Wert County Land Reutilization Corporation, inlot 634, Van Wert.

Jeffrey Kennedy and Jessica Leppard to Nancy Barnett and Nancy L. Barnett, inlot 1494, Van Wert.

Jeffrey Kennedy to Nancy Barnett and Nancy L. Barnett, inlot 1494, Van Wert.

Craig E. Weible and Pandora J. Weible to Cory James Mohr, portion of inlots 795, 796, Van Wert.

Loreen K. Frey, Loreen K. Schlosser and Robert Alan Schlosser to Talos Enterprises LLC, inlot 3846, Van Wert.

Eric P. Lambert and Julie A. Lambert by sheriff to Residential Asset Mortgage Products Inc., portion of inlot 700, Delphos.

The R & J Revocable Living Trust to Jay A. Hanes, inlot 400, Delphos.

Harold W. Callahan Sr., Harold Callahan Sr., and Fauna Ann Callahan, inlot 1634, Van Wert.

Delbert O. Shreve and Shirley A. Shreve to Tracy L. Spieth and Ryan L. Spieth, portion of outlets 159, 160, Van Wert.

Scott Hutchinson Properties Inc. by sheriff to Mathew B. Hernandez, inlot 1074, Van Wert.

Gary M. Hess and Susan E. Hess to Pamela J. Bricker, inlot 3998, Van Wert.

Estate of Thomas E. Painter to Brenda K. Devolves, portion of inlot 674, inlot 675, Delphos.

Edgar G. Van Autreve Revocable Living Trust to Chuffers Inc., portion of inlots 35, 36, Delphos.

Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Michael C. Biro and Karli N. Biro, portion of section 3, Wilshire Township.

Amy E. Boenker to Ronald L. Boenker and Diane M. Boenker, portion of inlot 27, Willshire.

John P. Lehmkuhle to Stephanie J. Lehmkuhle, portion of section 10, Liberty Township.

Leila Brown LLC to Jeremy A. Bankey, inlot 1452, Van Wert.

Kirt E. Harner and Amy Harner to Village of Willshire, inlot 28, Willshire.

Jon W. Rose and Ashley M. Rose to Arthur M. Lucius Sr. and Crystal A. Lucius, inlot 662, Van Wert.

Nancy D. Johnson to Staci J. Wenninger, inlot 294, Middle Point.

Kevin A. Price to Taylor D. Hoehn, portion of section 26, Hoaglin Township.

Creative Home Buying Solutions Inc. to Sharon K. Owen, inlot 1352, Van Wert.

Mark A. Fast, Denise D. Blackburn, Lori K. Fast, and Shaun K. Blackburn to MDVW Properties LLC, portion of inlots 82, 83, 91, inlots 90-1, 90, Van wert.

Terry D. Beaverson and Lanette Jo Beaverson to Jeffrey D. White and Linda K. White, inlot 3237, portion of inlot 3238, Van Wert.

Estate of Janice L. Clark to Jimmie Poling, inlots 403, 404, Ohio City.

Estate of Mary L. Clay to Ned E. Clay, outlets 138-1, 138-2, 139-5, Van Wert.

POSTED: 04/12/17 at 12:59 pm. FILED UNDER: Real Estate Transfers