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Monday, Aug. 8, 2022

Mystery bear wins photo contest

By Rex Dolby

Dolby's winning photo.
Dolby’s winning photo.

The Van Wert Area Photography Club’s most recent meeting was Thursday, April 13th.  The competition theme, “Toilets”, did not produce the results hoped for so there was a very short stack to pick from.

Rex Dolby’s entry received the most votes.  Dolby confided that the Bear was hesitant to appear in such a revealing scene due to the fear of unexpected consequences in the future.  He said that he’d agree to pose if he could not be identified.  Dolby’s suggestion was that he wear dark glasses was enough to overcome his reluctance to be photographed.

The treasurer’s report revealed a new dues deposit and a few cents added to the savings account.  There was considerable discussion about photo trips now that the days are getting longer plus the possibility of going on a Saturday, maybe taking the place of the regular second Thursday’s meeting.  Those bringing suggestions to the May meeting include Cheryl Knost, who will report on photo opportunities in the Delphos area, Joe Schramm, who’ll research the St. Marys area, and Rex Dolby, who will check with Larry Lee, Director of the Van Wert Area Convention and Visitor’s Bureau,  to see what pictures he still needs to promote the Van Wert area.

The club’s next regularly scheduled meeting is on Thursday, May 11.



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