The Van Wert County Courthouse

Wednesday, Jan. 19, 2022

Real Estate Transfers 4/19/17

Trent Temple and Amanda Temple to Kevin A. Price, portion of section 5, Ridge Township.


Estate of Kenneth M. Miller to Jane W. Miller, lot 1-19, Delphos MAR subdivision, lots 86-5, 87-3, Delphos subdivision.

Robert R. Vandyke IV by sheriff to Planet Home Lending LLC, inlot 1377, Delphos.

Jeffrey D. White and Linda K. White to Travis J. Kill, portion of section 35, Pleasant Township.

Nancy Barnett to Tom’s Pro Painting LLC, inlot 1494, Van Wert.

Matthew A. Linton and Tara L. Linton to Daniel J. Freund and Lori G. Freund, portion of section 10, Hoaglin Township.

Matthew G. Pohlman and Kristina M. Pohlman to Luke M. Burkhart and April S. Burkhart, portion of section 16, Jackson Township.

Norma J. Ansbach to Bryan C. Maas and Tiffany A. Horseman, inlot 627, Delphos.

Estate of Phyllis J. Holmes to Phillip L. Holmes, portion of section 18, Liberty Township.

Handymanz Rehab LLC to Van Wert County Land Reutilization Corporation, inlot 929, Van Wert.

Steven D. Thatcher to Steven D. Thatcher Irrevocable Trust, portion of section 26, York Township.

Salomon Home Equity Loan Trust Series 2002 to Dasher Rentals LLC, portion of section 11, Pleasant Township.

Wells Fargo Bank to Andrew J. Lobach, inlot 135, Delphos.

Estate of Darrell A. Debbe to Roberta D. Debbe, inlot 3348, portion of inlot 3349, Van Wert.

Mark A. Spangler and Laura M. Spangler to Danny J. Stahl, portion of section 4, Jackson Township.

Estate of Kathryn J. Long to Dale H. Long, portion of inlot 2107, inlot 2108, Van Wert.

Barbara Ann Welch Revocable Living Trust to Ronald Welker and Ina Welker, inlot 2108, Van Wert.

Timothy W. Hamrick and Tamara J. Hamrick to Travis W. Hamrick and Payton R.Y. Hamrick, portion of section 19, Willshire Township.

Secretary of Veterans Affairs to Capstone Quality Homes Inc., portion of section 11, Pleasant Township.

Eric V. Klinker to Teresa K. Klinker and Teresa K. Thomas, portion of sections 21, 28, Union Township.

Steve Griffiths to Lindsay M. Flickinger, inlot 301, portion of inlot 300, Convoy.

Estate of Michael B. Rowland and estate of Michael Rowland to Colleen Rowland, portion of inlot 171, Middle Point.

Chelsea Arnold, Chelsea L. Arnold, Chelsea L. Webken, and Joseph C. Webken to Nathan J. Thomas, inlot 1107, Van Wert.





POSTED: 04/19/17 at 12:54 pm. FILED UNDER: Real Estate Transfers