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Friday, Jan. 21, 2022

VWCH All-Twig Board has April meeting

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The All-Twig Board met April 19 in Van Wert County Hospital’s Conference Room A.

Representatives of the three Twig groups were welcomed by Chairman, Jeanne Ziegler. Invocation was given by Mae Stoller.

A light lunch of soup, salad, rolls, and cake was prepared by the hospital and enjoyed by all.

Paula Stabler, director of VWCH’s Emergency Department, stopped in to answer any questions regarding the various equipment needed by the hospital. She thanked the TWIG groups for all they continue to do for the hospital. Of the items on the list of needs, she indicated a Bladder Scanner and Video Capture System had already been purchased. On behalf of Twig III, Jeanne expressed appreciation for the visit by hospital personnel to their meeting to explain the various items. Beverlee noted they appreciated the list describing the use for each item needed. Paula indicated she would suggest they continue to do that in the future.

The business meeting was called to order by the Chairman. Following review of the minutes, the Comptroller gave the financial report.

Following a discussion, the profits from the three TWIG groups to be gifted to the hospital for 2017 were rounded up to $18,000. This check will be presented at the June meeting.

Reports from each group were presented.

Twig I has 35 active and 15 emeritus members. They have lost three members this year: Ann Carter, Alice Bell, and Joyce Wolford. All of them will be missed. With spring, our business has picked up at the Thrift Store. We are posting signs on several bulletin boards around town stating we’d love to have your donations as you complete your spring cleaning. Our programs so far this year have been: January – “YWCA Silver Sneakers Program”; February cancelled due to weather; March – “Flowers by Fettig”; April – “Human Trafficking”. They were very informative.

Twig II has a membership of 51 members, 9 of which are Emeritus. We have two major fund-raising efforts on behalf of Van Wert County Hospital. Throughout the year we work with TWIG I to give volunteer support to the Hospital Thrift Shop. During the Christmas season, we sell poinsettias to businesses and residents in the area.

At the shop, clothing inventory has been changed over to spring and summer wear. We continue to have a good supply of RADA knives on hand and special orders are possible. These make great gift ideas for weddings! There are also various glassware and miscellaneous houseware items available. Our monthly meetings have been well attended.

In February, David Walker, who portrayed the character of Confederate President Jefferson Davis, shared interesting history of his life and times. Nancy Wolverton took us on a video tour of Ireland in March as she showed pictures of her trip there with her husband and other Van Wert community residents.  In April, members learned about the many services offered at the Van Wert County Health Department. Office manager Marylou Smith, environmental specialist Britt Menchhofer, and Nikki Greve, R.N., shared the responsibilities of their particular areas.

Twig III members in attendance stated they continue to have good attendance at their meeting. They recently had hospital personnel explain the hospital wish list which they found very interesting. The group appreciates the support of hospital employees and visitors who do very well supporting the Hospital Gift Shop which is their fund raising project. The shop is open 24 hours, 7 days a week. When group members are not staffing it, employees at the front desk of the hospital are doing a good job of handling sales. Their help is much appreciated!

The meeting continued with a discussion on where the group would like to direct their hospital gift this year. After considering the thoughts of the various Twig groups, it was decided their gift be directed toward the purchase of the Otispin Plus Centrifuge ($7,067), the SciFit Total Body Bike ($4,250), the Caradio Check ($4,732), and the remainder toward the cost of a Cast Cutter ($2,110).

The chairman read a letter from The Council on Aging announcing its annual Senior Citizens Day on Thursday, May 11. The theme for this year is ‘Senior Stars’ and nomination forms were given to each TWIG Chairman to suggest a name of an individual who exemplifies the best in character, service, and dedication. Twig members wishing to nominate someone should contact their chairman for a copy of the form. Anyone can go to for one. These are due by Monday, May 1.

The next scheduled meeting is Wednesday, June 21. That will leave one additional meeting for the year to be held on October 18.

Attending this meeting were members of Twig I: Mae Stoller, Judy Nieman, Loretta Grove, and Sharon Clouse; Twig II: – Ella Jackson, Kathy Keysor, Beverlee Profit, and Nancy Wolverton; Twig III: Eileen Lucier, Jeanne Ziegler, and Linda Hoffman.

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