The Van Wert County Courthouse

Monday, Aug. 8, 2022

Real Estate Transfers 5/23/17

William C. Blair and Nicole L. Blair to Talin Schotters and Douglas J. Schotters, inlot 337 in Convoy.

Estate of Stanton M. Leiter to Sharon A. Fiedler, Anthony L. Leiter, and Gloria J. Leiter, outlet 103-2 in Van Wert.

Sharon A. Fiedler, Jim D. Fiedler, Anthony L. Leiter, Susan I. Leiter, and Gloria J. Leiter to Tina Marie Gaskill, outlot 103-2 in Van Wert.

Estate of Danny L. Sites to Robert L. Sites, portion of inlot 1811 in Van Wert.

John A. Patrick to Maggie McCarty, lot 63-5 in Van Wert subdivision.

Stephanie J. Lehmkuhle to John P. Lehmkuhle, portion of inlot 249 in Middle Point.

Stephanie J. Lehmkuhle to John P. Lehmkuhle, inlot 418 in Van Wert.

Jane W. Miller to M & L Rental Enterprises LLC, lot 1-19 in Delphos MAR subdivision; lots 86-5 and 87-3 in Delphos subdivision.

Estate of Mary Ann German to Daniel J. German, Jo Ann M. Cramer, Michael L. German, Janet L. Rode, Jeffrey A. German, Alfred J. German, and Alfred German, outlot 7-3 in Delphos.

James E. Pollnow to Debra Akom and Doug Akom, portion of inlot 1301, inlot 1300 in Van Wert.

Mike Cummings to Van Wert County Land Reutilization Corporation, inlot 51 in Middle Point.

Elmer and Linda Wagner LLC to Dennis A. Dunlap, inlots 391 and 373, Van Wert subdivision.

Bayview Loan Servicing LLC to Van Wert County Land Reutilization Corporation, portion of inlot 64 in Convoy.

207 S. Wall Trust to Matthew McGraw, inlot 846 in Van Wert.

1006 Prospect Trust Agreement to Justin Eyink, inlot 1854 in Van Wert.

Stephanie J. Lehmkuhle to John P. Lehmkuhle, inlot 335 in Middle Point.

Kenneth L. Parsons to Jerimy Siefker, inlot 439 in Delphos.

Cynthia Drake, Cynthia A. Drake to Leeann Penix, portion of section 16 in Pleasant Township.

Estate of Patricia A. Bryan, Estate of James D. Bryan to Clean The Attic LLC, inlot 909 in Delphos.

Jolynn Waterman, Jolynn Simson, and Nathaniel Simson to Sean T. Brayton and Tracy M. Brayton, inlot 2294 in Van Wert.

FFF Properties LLC to Jenypher Cunningham, portion of inlets 303 and 304 in Van Wert.

JP Morgan Chase Bank to Creative Home Buying Solutions Inc., inlets 498 and 499 in Ohio City.

Maynard L. Shobe and Carol C. Shobe to Maynard L. Shobe and Carol C. Shobe, inlot 345 in Delphos.

Superior Credit Union Inc., Superior Federal Credit Union to Quintin Profit, inlot 330 in Middle Point.

Chad M. Geier and Jennifer M. Geier to Austin M. Martin, portion of section 26 in Washington Township (lot 10, Mox Addition).

John T. Warnecke and Mary Jo Warnecke, Mary Jo A. Warnecke to John T. Warnecke Joint Irrevocable Trust, Mary Jo A. Warnecke Joint Irrevocable Trust, portion of section 14 in Washington Township.

Estate of L. Arlene Marsee to Dennis P. Marsee, Sherman E. Marsee, Donna K. Clutter, and Wanda F. Stroh, outlot 36-1 in Convoy.

Marilyn K. Wolfcale, Marilyn Kaye Wolfcale, Michael Dean Wolfcale, Michael D. Wolfcale to Charles Dennis Mengerink, Michael Jack Wolfcale, and Michelle Renee Hill, inlot 147 in Middle Point, and a portion of section 6 in Jennings  Township.

Brian D. O’Daffer, Rhonda O’Daffer, Rhonda Frowning, and Scott E. Frowning to James R. Steele Jr., inlets 128 and 129 in Middle Point.

Estate of Francis L. Dixon to Margaret L. Dixon, lot 7-8 in Van Wert subdivision.

John W. Smith to Jeffrey D. Schaffner and Linda S. Schaffner, portion of section 36 in Pleasant Township.

Chet Straley and Lisa Straley to Matthew Joshua McMichael, a portion of inlets 1078 and 1079 in Van Wert.

Soundview Home Loan Trust 2006-OPT2 to Castlerock 2017 LLC, lot 6-36 and a portion of lot 6-37 in Van Wert subdivision.

NM956 Properties LLC to Kari A. Stoller Trust Agreement, portion of outlot 100-2 in Van Wert.

William B. Evans and Nancy J. Evans to William B. Evans II and James Jay Evans, portion of section 4 in York Township.

Kevin P. Cramer and Angela Cramer to Cheryl C. Wallace and Steven W. Whitcraft, inlot 4374 in Van Wert.

Jesse Lindeman and Amie Lindeman to Lynette Runyon and Michael Runyan, lot 58-6 in Delphos subdivision.

John P. Lehmkuhle Jr., John P. Lehmkuhle to Feasby Rentals LLC, inlot 418 in Van Wert.

Courtney L. Short, Courtney Short to Timothy A. Short, portion of section 7 in Union Township.

Beverly M. Teman to Kevin Lynn Haunhorst, portion of inlot 687 in Delphos.

Donna J. Jones to Kathy J. Saam, inlot 2270 in Van Wert.

Betsy M. Welker, Betsy Welker to Logan M. Welker, portion of section 23 in Ridge Township.

Jeremy D. Rahrig to Jessica M. Rahrig, inlot 283 in Delphos.

Joette F. Jones, estate of Joette Jones, by sheriff, to Wilmington Savings Fund Society Trust, Christiana Trust, Brougham Fund I Trust, portion of section 20 in Pleasant Township.

Penny Sue Clark to Mark Clark, portion of section 17 in Union Township.

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