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Monday, May. 16, 2022

Fountain Park renovated for concerts

You have probably noticed Fountain Park being cordoned off recently. I announced to the audience at our concert in the park on August 11 that work would begin in Fountain Park later in the summer. Former Van Wert County Foundation trustee and local businessman Mike Gearhart recommended this work before his untimely passing a year ago. And holding true to his request, the Van Wert County Foundation is working with the City Parks & Recreation Department to re-grade Fountain Park for a more enjoyable outdoor concert experience.

You may have noticed, especially if you arrive later than most, that the viewing of the concert stage is less desirable once you have to sit on the north side of the hill in the center of Fountain Park. Well, the foundation is working with Alexander & Bebout to remove the hill and slope the ground from the stage all the way back to the sidewalk in front of the gazebo. This should allow more people to have a clear view of the stage at the south side of Fountain Park.

In talking with former Van Wert mayor Stan Agler, he said that the park was constructed for viewing of concerts, but not to the extent of (the large crowds) the Fountain Park Summer Music Series concerts have drawn in attendance. We haven’t outgrown Fountain Park, just the design.  

Kudos to former mayor Agler for having the foresight to create such a nice park for concerts and other activities; however, we have outgrown the design. So now the Van Wert County Foundation will try to improve everyone’s concert experience, starting next summer.  

The project should be completed before the first snowfall this year. Unfortunately, a couple trees will need to be removed, but more will be replaced, along with some nice landscaping, to make Fountain Park comfortable and enjoyable for the Van Wert community — and the many visitors who come to our concerts each summer. Our hope is that ,with some time and good growth, we will have nice shade trees once again in Fountain Park. 

I am heading to a conference this week to start work on next year’s concerts. Hopefully by late winter, we will have another spectacular concert season to announce for Fountain Park in 2018. The concerts and new grass and design are all compliments of The Van Wert County Foundation and city parks department.

It won’t be long before we get the season started at the Niswonger Performing Arts Center. We are gearing up for a terrific season. Ticket sales are keeping our box office busy and that makes me happy! Plan now for your next great concert experience at the Niswonger Performing Arts Center.


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