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Option C: New stadium at high school

Editor’s note: This is the last of three articles providing options for either the renovation or replacement of Van Wert City School District’s Eggerss Stadium football facility. Each article will deal with one of three options developed by a committee formed to research the issue. This option deals with construction of a new football facility at the current high school site.

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An artist’s conception of Stadium Option C, a new stadium constructed at the current high school site. ATA/Beilharz Architects

The Van Wert City Schools Stadium Facilities Committee is looking at three options to restore or replace the current Van Wert High School Football Facility and in creating a first-class, state-of-the-art facility that will serve the school system and the community for future generations.

This is the third of three options the committee is considering. Following the presentation of all three options, the committee will conduct an online survey of the community to assist the committee in making its final recommendation to the Board of Education.

A link to the survey can be found at:

The survey will begin at 12:01 a.m. Saturday, September 30, and end on October 10. For those who do not have access to the Internet, the Van Wert County Brumback Library and the Van Wert County Council on Aging have agreed to allow concerned citizens to use their facility during regular business hours to complete the survey.

The Stadium Committee has determined that something has to be done. The current age and condition of Eggerss Stadium has compelled the district to act, and that time is now.

Option C: Building a new facility at Van Wert High School

Building a new facility at the high school allows VWHS students and athletes to have their home field located at the same location as their school. The football team will be able to enjoy the simplicity of using the same locker room for games and practices.

The construction will include a new 3,000-bleacher seat home stadium that will be enclosed with a brick facing and siding in the rear and sides and new press boxes (home and visitor). Both home and visitor bleachers will be handicapped accessible.

A new multi-functional building will include additional restrooms and concessions, as well as locker rooms for football and other outdoor athletic teams. This option will allow for multiple users of the field, including the band to practice on the field during the school day.

The above artwork shows a stadium at the high school, which, if the option is chosen, would include a track and, eventually, ball fields. ATA/Beilharz Architects

The game field will also be home to daily practice facilities and locker rooms. There will be no need to transport equipment downtown on game days (football and band). Additionally, having lights at this location will allow the track and soccer programs to host events that extend into the evening without darkness concerns.

Furthermore, Option C will allow for the vast majority of varsity athletics to be played at the high school site (golf, swimming, and bowling being exceptions).

If this option is selected by the board, Eggerss Stadium would continue to be used during the fundraising and construction phase of the new facility. A new artificial turf field can be used by other sports, physical education classes, and the marching band. Maintenance costs will be less expensive than at the current facility, and this is the least expensive of the three options.

Things to consider with this option are that the facility will not be in the downtown area, thus making it more difficult for people to walk to the games. Wind may also be more of a factor for games and spectator comfort. A new facility at the high school will put the fans farther away from the game – because an all-weather track would be built inside the stadium — and although adequate parking is available, the distance to the seats from the parking lot may actually be a greater distance to walk than the current situation.

Finally, the concession stand/restroom complex will be farther from the stadium than it would be at Eggerss Stadium (click here for a line-by-line cost analysis of Option C).

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