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Monday, Jul. 22, 2024

Crestview grads share ‘real world’ info

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CONVOY — Crestview High School juniors and seniors welcomed 17 recent alumni back to the halls of Crestview this past Friday to help give them insight into life after high school in regard to college and career choices.

The graduates shared their individual experiences at various colleges across the state and country with the students. They also answered questions from students about dealing with roommates, choosing a major, study habits, meeting new people, class sizes, and moving away from family, among others. The graduates gladly shared their insights and tried to enlighten students and ease some of their concerns related to college.

“I believe this program is very valuable as it’s not teachers and counselors talking, but students whom they might know; and their personal experiences assisting fellow Knights with the future,” said Crestview High School Principal Mike Biro.

“I thought it was nice to hear from different perspectives on college life, those involved socially and those not involved,” said junior S. Chorvas.

“I’ll be commuting, so it’s a bit different for me, but I thought they shared some good information,” added senior B. Engelman.

This is the second year in a row that Crestview has invited a group of recent grads to talk with students.

Several recent graduates returned to Crestview High School recently to share their college experiences with the juniors and seniors. Students were able to ask questions and get some insight from the graduates on topics like financial aid, choosing a major, daily schedules and much more. Crestview photo

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