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Friday, Jan. 21, 2022

Twig II group holds January meeting

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Twenty-three members of TWIG II braved the weather and met on Monday, January 8, in the Van Wert County Hospital’s Conference Room A. They were greeted by Shirley Lichty. After the invocation by Connie Hart, a soup and salad luncheon was provided by the hospital.

Sharon Witten introduced the speaker, Dawn Rhoades, R.N., director of women’s health at the hospital.  She talked to the group about winter safety and the importance of using good sense about keeping warm. Of course, if a person’s circulation is impaired, or as people age, they will feel the cold more, but people can take steps to counteract this.

Remember to turn off heating vents in rooms not used. Wear loose, layered clothing. Make sure smoke/carbon monoxide detectors are working. It is recommended that the temperature in one’s home or living quarters should not be lower than 68 degrees at this time of year. A big chill or feeling cold all the time could turn into hyperthermia, which means that a person’s body temperature core has dropped to 95 degrees. If people’s hands and feet are cold all the time, they need to check their temperature. It could be the result of other health issues. Spring is on the way.

Co-chair Kathy Keysor opened the business meeting. The roll call response was “what is your favorite exercise?” Responses ranged from elliptical machines to talking, with the majority reporting walking as their favorite exercise. Reports were given and approved. Twig II poinsettias, delivered last month, were lovely, and sales were very good. Group members appreciate all those who supported them.

Members present were Robbin Benner, Diana Crow, Judy Fox, Del Free, Nancy Gribler, Diane Haller, Connie Hart, Linda Heath, Judy Jackson, Ella Jackson, Arlene Keysor, Kathy Keysor, Shirley Lichty, Judy Linton, Joy McCleery, Bev Mercer, Corinne Mowry, Sue Price, Linda Sidle, Katy Sill, Shirley Soldner, Barb Sunderland, and Sharon Witten.

The next meeting will be Monday, February 12, with a program on “Women’s Heart health.” The hostess will be Arlene Keysor and Deb Yackee will give the invocation. The roll call response will be “what makes your heart race?”

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