The Van Wert County Courthouse

Wednesday, Jan. 19, 2022

Real Estate Transfers 2/1/18

Real Estate Transfers

Jake L. Schwartz and Mary R. Schwartz to Meno A.L. Schwartz and Lydia E. Schwartz, a portion of section 25 in Willshire Township.

Mark R. Evans to Rachel Boroff, inlot 149 and a portion of inlot 150 in Middle Point.

Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation to Robert S. Edwards and Christine M. Edwards, inlot 187 in Convoy.

Robert J. Coleman and Jill R. Coleman to David C. Richardson and Jenna K. Richardson, a portion of section 15 in Pleasant Township.

JPMorgan Chase Bank to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, lots 39-2 and 39-3 in Van Wert subdivision.

Bonnie L. Taylor to Kathy J. Ramsdell, M. Stephen Taylor, and Bradley J. Taylor, inlot 148 in Middle Point.

Van Wert Plaza LLC to Burger Ohio Two LLLC, portion of lot 414 in Van Wert subdivision.

OTB Ohio Ventures LLC to Ryan Polley and Kristin Polley, a portion of section 8 in Washington Township.

Charles S. Pugh and Kathy A. Pugh to Kathy A. Pugh, inlot 947 in Delphos.

Rick A. Kigar, Dixie K. Lies, Justin D. Lies, and Dixie Kae Andrews to Solomon L. Wengerd and Barbara M. Wengerd, a portion of section 35 in Willshire Township.

Corey Ratliff and Ashley Ratliff to Philip W. Scare and Teresa S. Scare, a portion of inlot 39 in Willshire.

Philip W. Scare and Teresa S. Scare to Jeff Albrecht, a portion of inlot 39 in Willshire.

Edward P. Fritz, Jacqueline J. Fritz, and Jacqueline Jeanne Fritz to Edward P. Fritz and Jacqueline J. Fritz, inlots 748, 749, 750, 728, and 727 in Delphos, and a portion of section 10 in Washington Township.

Michael H. Gallmeier and Deborah K. Gallmeier to Michael H. Gallmeier and Deborah K. Gallmeier, inlot 137 in Delphos.

Estate of Karl A. Friend to Deborah A. Pirolli, a portion of section 20 in Willshire Township.

Cory A. Ebel, Cory Ebel to Brooke M. Ebel, inlot 604 in Van Wert.

Estate of Helen Jean Miller to Harold E. Hundley and Katie J. Hundley, inlots 179 and 180 and a portion of inlot 178 in Middle Point.

Elizabeth A. Norton to  Steven C. Norton, a portion of section 16 in York Township and inlot 727 in Van Wert.

Clarence R. Oberlitner and Joan K. Oberlitner to Steven R. Oberlitner, a portion of section 32 in York Township.

OTB Ohio Ventures LLC to Travis L. Pindell and Andrea L. Pindell, a portion of section 33 in Liberty Township.

POSTED: 02/01/18 at 11:31 am. FILED UNDER: Real Estate Transfers