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Monday, Aug. 15, 2022

Photographing living creatures

For as simple as the topic appears, it is actually somewhat complicated. First, the subject must possess life, and second, it can independently choose to move.

Will you select from the vertebrates: reptiles, amphibians, birds, fish, and mammals, or the invertebrates, which are not quite as common to us?  They include: worms, snails, spiders, crabs, insects, centipedes, spiny sea creatures (star fish), soft-bodied sea creatures (jelly fish) and microscopic cells.

Having selected your subject(s), are you going to go to a zoo, aquarium, game preserve, laboratory, or seek them in their natural environment?  Each location presents a little different shooting circumstances, equipment needs, and camera settings.

At this point the subject is too broad for me to offer specific help, but I can offer some useful advice.  That is, go to your computer, app, or the second floor of the Brumback Library and do a Google, or whatever, search on tips on how to photograph your subject and tips on how to photograph it in the setting you have selected.  You will find all sorts of references there that will aid in making a successful picture.

Good hunting!

Next week’s topic will be Transportation.

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