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Monday, Aug. 8, 2022

Talking about transportation photography

Our topic this week has several ways to be the theme of your photograph.

The first way is to show a person or something being transported such as kids in a bus or the cars on a flatbed trailer.

Rex Dolby’s photo of a Boeing 747 over Atlanta, Georgia.

The second way would be to show a person or something transporting a person or something.  An example might be the pedestrian carrying a briefcase or a horse with a rider.  Along with this, does your photo happen on land, water, in the sky, or below the ground or water? Deciding where will help determine your subject.

The third way could be photographing an item that a person or something would use to move a person or something. Such subjects might range from heavy excavation equipment to the mouth, beak, or claws used in taking food to young.

The fourth way can be to show the system or means for getting a person or thing from one place to another.  Examples of such a system might be the highway, railway, or subway.

A fifth way might be the work or business of conveying a person or something. Some examples are a travel agency, trucking firm or ambulance service.

Lastly would be the fare or ticket needed to go somewhere. It appears that you have a wide variety of forms of transportation to pick from. And although the decision you choose to achieve the purpose of your shot may not that exciting, the subject of your photo can be. Just consider all the things and ways people move and are moved.

Next week’s topic will deal with Shapes.

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