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Friday, Jan. 21, 2022

Twig I holds February meeting at VWCH

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Twig I met on Thursday, February 8, at the Van Wert County Hospital in Conference Room A. The meeting was called to order by Chairman Mae Enyart. She welcomed the 21 members present, then “The Pledge of Allegiance” was recited. Anne Bowen gave the prayer before lunch.

The program was presented by Marianna Snavely and Faye Mohr of the Pain Management Center located at the Van Wert County Hospital Health Center on Fox Road, Suite 107.

The center uses a balanced treatment approach which includes various types of treatment for pain.

Approximately 100 million people suffer from pain, with the most common being back pain. Pain for less than three months is considered acute and more than that is chronic. The center attempts to locate the exact spot of pain and treat that spot.  They try to limit the amount of medication needed and that medication is monitored very closely.

Sitting for long periods of time creates pressure on the spine, so it is recommended that you stand and walk for 5 minutes for every hour of sitting.

It was noted that, with so many people continually looking down at their cell phone these days, because of the weight of the head, many will suffer neck and back pain in the future.

Chairman Enyart opened the business meeting by recognizing those members with a February birthday.

They are:  Anne Bowen, Carol Doner, Helen Huston, Gloria Kimmey, Jean Owens, Mary Kay Purmort, and Jean Wilson.

Because of bad weather the sales at the Hospital Thrift Shop on Central Avenue have been slow.  However, the shop has many nice quality items at very low prices, so check them out.

Twig I is in need of new members, so anyone interested in joining can contact any current member or the Thrift Shop manager.

As there was no further business, the meeting was adjourned.  The next meeting will be at noon Thursday,

March 8, at the hospital.

Present were:  Tressa Bissonette, Anne Bowen, Eve Braden, Dot Burley, Sharon Clouse, Sue Corle, Mae Enyart, Rosemary Foreman, Lois Goudy, Connie Johnson,  Diana Mace, Ilo Marvin,  Ann McCray,  Julie Medford, Jean Minnig, Jean Owens, Nina Ragan,, Nancy Szolach, Edith Voltz, Brenda Welker, and  Betty Wyandt.

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