The Van Wert County Courthouse

Monday, Aug. 15, 2022

Photography shapes is this week’s topic

The interesting thing about today’s subject is the fact that just about any two- or three-dimensional object has either a general or specific shape. While water may take a variety of shapes, a pyramid, cone or ball are all specific shapes.

Shapes made in beach sand as water drains back into the ocean at low tide by Rex Dolby.

Shapes may also be related to the condition of something.  For example, a wrecked car may be in bad shape but a professional athlete will be in good shape.

Finally, shape may be related to the body, contour, or outward appearance of an object.  Take for instance the silhouettes of people, animals, and trees.  Each one in the aforementioned groups possesses individual shapes that allow them to be identified by their outline without additional information.

Armed with these thoughts, what will you choose to shoot in real life that will suggest shapes? Can you find a boy and/or girl, a weeping willow tree, and/or poplar tree,

a German shepherd and/or cocker spaniel, or a Chrysler van and/or Chevy Corvette?

Then too, look for a variety of shapes that can be found at a power company’s electrical substation, or an older steel bridge over a wide stream, plus those found in mountain ranges, interstate interchanges and cemeteries. These are all there for you to shoot, if you start thinking about what is available.

Now would be a good time to start making your list, and good hunting!

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