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Saturday, Aug. 13, 2022

Using a cell phone camera to take photos

Often I have encountered a situation or scene that I wanted to capture, but didn’t have my camera. Back in the old days, I can still hear my wife say: “Take a picture with your mind.”  Now, I remember that I have my phone and can make a permanent memory without having to worry about it fading with time.

An illustration of the various buttons on an iPhone.

With those thoughts in mind, I will start a series of articles on using the cell phone’s camera in other ways than taking selfies. Unfortunately, I will be writing about using the iPhone 8, but a Google search will aid you in how to use other makes and models. We’ll start with how to trip the phone’s shutter.

Once you have turned the phone on and opened the camera mode, you’ll notice the Home button turns white. Press it briefly to snap your picture. If you linger, it will take multiple pictures in a burst.  If you are recording action, this feature may be just what you want, but not for static scenes.

Another method to trip the shutter is to hold the phone with the volume buttons on top. If you position them on the bottom, the picture will be saved upside down.  Either button will trip the shutter, but I’d suggest you use the Up button and place your thumb under the phone being careful it’s not on the Sleep/Wake button. Try to close this “C” to trip the shutter and thereby reduce the chances for camera shake.

A third method is to plug your Apple headphones into the headphone jack or power connector on the bottom edge of the phone.  Use the + or – volume button on the headphone wire to trigger the shutter.  This will reduce camera shake and people may not even notice that you are snapping pictures.

A fourth way to snap a picture is with a remote Bluetooth shutter release. These units range in price from $3.54 to $29.99 and can have a range of 30 feet. Put your phone on a tripod and be part of a large group or to show a lot of background.

The final method is to purchase a ProCamera app at the App Store. There are several variations starting at $5.99. One of its functions is to allow you to tap anywhere on the screen to snap the picture.

Next week will be on how to capture whatever shows on the screen of your phone.

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