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Wednesday, Jun. 19, 2024

9-1-1 head thanks EMS workers

To the Editor:

In honor of National EMS Week, I would like to express my admiration, deep respect, and ultimate “thank you” to our dedicated, caring Van Wert County EMS personnel, both paid and volunteers.

Emergency medical technicians provide a necessary service that is vital for all of us in our community.  They don’t often get the thanks and praise they deserve so I’m taking this opportunity National EMS Week to express my thanks and praise to them.

We in Van Wert County are so fortunate to have such dedicated public servants that are committed to serving our community. We count on them to respond 24/7/365 to the 9-1-1 call be it the auto accident, hurt child, house fire, seizure, heart attack, drug overdose, unresponsive person etc. etc.

9-1-1 dispatches EMS multiple times daily to so many varied situations, in all types of weather situations be it 90 degrees or minus-3 degrees while they work on patients along the road or in other uncomfortable situations. We at 9-1-1 never worry that they won’t answer our call. We know we can count on them/ EMS 24/7/365 to respond to the emergency as fast and safely as possible.

Their dedication to training, testing, the time commitment it takes, sometimes risking their own safety to serve as an EMT/Intermediate/ Paramedic as well as their willingness to give up (warm meals, family time, holidays) whatever they are doing at the time 9-1-1 dispatches them to the scene to care for the ill or injured person has earned them as I said before my total respect, admiration and my biggest Thank You!

Volunteers are always welcome and needed. Call your local EMS Chief for more information.

Emergency personnel are the healthcare safety net for all of us, we count on them and they respond. They deserve our thanks and praise this week and always. We at 9-1-1 appreciate their hard work and dedication and value all they do in service to public. Thank you all EMS! Sincerely, Kim Brandt Van Wert County 9-1-1 Operations

Kim Brandt

VW County 9-1-1 coordinator

via email

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