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Friday, Jan. 21, 2022

All-Twig Board meets at Willow Bend CC

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The All-Twig Board met at Willow Bend Country Club on June 18. Representatives of the three TWIG groups and special guests from Van Wert Health were welcomed by Chairman Jeanne Ziegler.

The group gathered on the patio for the presentation of the annual All-Twig donation to the hospital. Tiffany Williams, vice president of Human Resources and Organization Effectiveness, along with Ellen Rager and Haley Michaud from the office of Patient and Community Relations, accepted a check for $13,000 and thanked the three groups for the work they do to support purchases of new and updated equipment for the hospital.

Following the presentation, Beverlee Profit gave the invocation, after which the group enjoyed a delicious meal prior to the business meeting.

Ziegler called the meeting to order and extended her thanks to those attending. The minutes of the April meeting were reviewed and approved. Ella Jackson gave the comptroller’s report which was approved by the group. The following reports were presented by each group:

Twig I has 49 members. Members work as volunteers at the Hospital Thrift Shop, along with Twig II members. The group appreciates all donations and has remained strong. The community’s support is essential for the group’s success, and club members thanked their loyal customers.

Twig II has 47 members. These members, along with those in Twig I, support the manager of the Hospital Thrift Shop by volunteering to work in the shop. Their dedication to this task has enabled the shop to raise funds to be used by the hospital to purchase equipment needed to care for members of the community and the surrounding area. The shop continues to offer clothing, jewelry, housewares, games, puzzles, toys, and books donated by residents of Van Wert and other local communities. In addition, there are handmade items and an inventory of RADA knives for sale. Later this summer we will begin to undergo some outside building improvements. The Thrift Shop will soon offer poinsettias for sale at Christmas. Monthly meetings are held the second Monday of the month 10 months out of the year, where programs are generally presented by healthcare workers and community organizations.

Twig III has 19 members operating the hospital gift shop. Group members are very appreciative of the receptionists helping their customers during those times Twig III members are not available. The gift shop buyers are continually purchasing new items. As always, Ohio State and Michigan items, baby and stuffed animal articles, balloons, garden flags, and candy are popular items. Gift shop sales have been good.

During the business meeting, Ziegler reported the open house for Van Wert Health North held recently for employees and volunteers was excellent. Those who were not able to attend were encouraged to attend the open house for the public on Sunday, June 24. Members were reminded the officer rotation for the group for 2019-2020 will be: Chairman — Twig I, Vice Chairman — Twig II, and Secretary/Public Relations — Twig III.

The final All-Twig meeting date for 2018 will be Wednesday, October 17. Members were reminded that roster changes should be reported as soon as possible to the Office of Community Relations.

Those attending were: Twig I — Jan Adams, LaDonna Allenbaugh, Loretta Grove, and Rosemary Foreman;

Twig II — Sharon Witten, Ella Jackson, Kathy Keysor, and Beverlee Profit; Twig III — Nancy Farmer, Jane Lianez, Jeanne Ziegler, and Eileen Lucier.

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