The Van Wert County Courthouse

Monday, Aug. 15, 2022

Photo Club shoots Decatur sculptures

Van Wert Area Photography Club members felt like VIPs when they learned that their tour guide was Coni S. Mayer, executive director of the Adams County Community Foundation.

We could not have had a better guide than Coni. She kept the pace casual, patiently waited till we all got our photos taken, and told us about each sculpture and its creator. She also informed us where there was shade and places to rest and even opened her office to give us a break and moved her car to provide a better view of a sculpture.

Photo by Coni Mayer of (from the left) Joe Schramm, Rex Dolby, Cheryl Knost, and Larry Dickerhoof at the Harley Rhino sculpture in Decatur, Indiana.

Since the heat was tolerable at 10 a.m., the group decided to take the sunny side of the street first and leave the shady side for the warmer part of the morning. Although there was a good breeze blowing all morning, the group felt they had made a good decision.

We were almost the only pedestrians downtown, and, as a result, had plenty of space around each sculpture to compose our photos. It was noon when we returned to our starting point. Coni took our group picture before departing and we went to lunch.

Decatur also has permanent sculptures displayed along the east and west banks of the St. Marys River between the Jackson Street and U.S. 224/Monroe Street bridges. After a refreshing lunch, we photographed those pieces before returning to Van Wert.

Thanks to Coni’s leadership, a steady breeze, the interesting sculptures, and a good lunch and conversation, the consensus of the group was that the shoot was an enjoyable experience.

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