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Monday, Aug. 15, 2022

Photographer gives talk for local club

Carrie McKeddie, owner of Carrie McKeddie Photography, gave an outstanding presentation on “How to Photograph Waterfalls” at the Van Wert Area Photography Club’s open meeting Thursday, October 11.

Carrie McKeddie answers a question during a talk she gave for the Van Wert County Photography Club. photo provided

Using a PowerPoint format, she explained the equipment you would need and why, and the settings you will want to try and why.  At this point, she explained that the amount of water coming over the falls and the brightness and the fullness of the illumination on them would affect the shutter and f-stop settings.  She recommended a shutter speed of 1/15th, 1/30th or no more than 1/60th of a second with the camera mounted on a tripod for a steady shot.

Another recommendation was to view the results immediately so that corrections to the settings could be made to improve the picture.

Everyone present had their phone and instead of taking notes, was photographing each new screen image. One in particular that caught everyone’s interest was a phenomenal graphic on “Understanding Your Camera”. It showed aperture, shutter and ISO with all the individual settings from the smallest to the largest and the effect on the picture each one made. In all my year’s I’ve not seen one that good!

Carrie also illustrated why some falls pictures were better than others and left the audience with her final gem.  That was if we searched, clicked on Maps, and clicked on Ohio, we would see a map with the location of all the significant waterfalls in Ohio.

Those present were so impressed with Carrie’s program, they invited her to return the second Thursday in November for a presentation on the camera, its parts, and terminology. She graciously accepted, so watch for more on that presentation.

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