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Friday, Jan. 21, 2022

Twig I meets at Wassenberg Art Center

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Twig I met on November 8 at Wassenberg Art Center, with 33 members present. Following the welcome by Chairman Mae Enyart, a prayer was given by Anne Bowen. The lunch was catered by Gibson’s Barbeque and dessert was prepared by the Picnic Committee.

Jean Owens introduced the speaker, Hope Wallace, who told of the history of Wassenberg Art Center. In 1955, Charles Wassenberg left an endowment for an art center, which was the original facility in the house on South Washington Street. When Wallace arrived in 2011 the art center was needing more space, so a new location was considered.

The armory had been for sale for a long time and was due for demolition. Within one week of demolition day, the building was purchased for the Wassenberg Art Center. With much renovation the new art center was opened in 2013. Some new additions to the outside have been a parking lot, landscaping, and sculptures.  Updates are still needed in some areas of the interior of the building.

Wallace showed the extensive display of paintings of American Indians by Van Wert native David Humphreys Miller. These are on loan from Brent Stevens, who is also a Van Wert native.

She stated that, in addition to art related activities, the art center is available for rental for special occasions.

The business meeting was opened by Chairman Enyart naming those members with November birthdays.  They are: LaDonna Allenbaugh, Marge Clouse, Sharon Clouse, Rosemary Foreman, Ilo Marvin, Alice Morris, and Nadine Wagner.

Currently at the Hospital Thrift Shop on Central Avenue new siding is being installed, as well as a new sign in front and a cranberry color door on the back.

Plans for the annual Christmas party were announced and it was learned Santa and one of his elves will again be there. Members are to bring a $5 present for a gift exchange.

As there was no further business, the meeting was adjourned. The next meeting will be on Thursday, December 13, at noon, at the Community Health Professional building.

Attending the meeting were Jan Adams, LaDonna Allenbaugh, Tressa Bissonette, Anne Bowen, Dot Burley, Marge Clouse, Sharon Clouse, Sue Corle, Cindy Dickson, Carol Doner, Mae Enyart, Lupe Escobedo, Rosemary Foreman, Karen Gardner, Jane Geesey, Lois Goudy, Sandra Greulach, Loretta Grove, Helen Huston, Connie Johnson, Sheila Lacy, Diana Mace, Ilo Marvin, Ann McCray, Julie Medford, Susie Methot-Perez, Jean Owens, Nina Ragan, Vickie Smith, Nancy Szolach, Edith Voltz, Brenda Welker, and Betty Woodruff.

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