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Thursday, Aug. 11, 2022

Eclipse weather conditions challenging

The lunar eclipse January 20was certainly a spectacular event. Rising in the east-northeast, the moon tracked almost overhead by midnight. Its total eclipse occurred shortly after that. 

A photo of the eclipse earlier this week by Rex Dolby.

Conditions to photograph the event were mixed. The sky was clear, which was good, but my thermometer registered 6 degrees below zero, which was brutal.

In addition to the cold air, my metal tripod soaked up that cold. Any movement I made of it transferred that chill to my fingers. If I were several years younger, I would be looking for a carbon fiber tripod. 

To add insult to the chill, I failed to record any extra time for the two NFL playoff games. I watched them between checks on the eclipse, but since both went into overtime, I didn’t see the end of either game.

I watched outstanding eclipse photos on TV Monday morning. Although I may have achieved an acceptable picture, it didn’t come close to those on the morning news.  

Oh well, there will be another chance on May 26, 2021 — if my equipment and I last that long. Through it all, I’m thankful that at least I got to witness the event.

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