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Monday, Aug. 15, 2022

Two important photography skills…

Not only do you need to develop the knack of observing interesting things around you and creative ways to capture them in a photo, but also to become so familiar with your equipment’s settings and features that the situation almost triggers a “setting reaction”. 

Examples of camera manuals.

As an illustration of what I’ve tried to say, think of a quarterback who has called a play in the huddle and as he comes up behind his center, he sees that the play won’t work against the defensive formation, so he calls an audible play that will work better. 

In other words, your analysis of the situation causes an almost automatic reaction for how you’ll set and hold the camera for the best results.

One way to develop this quick reaction is through practice. Find a comfortable place with your camera and owner’s manual. Open the manual to a section on the particular type of photo you’d like to take and read what is said about the settings for that category. Look around you for a subject that relates to your reading, set your camera, take the shot and evaluate your results. Is it ok or does it need more or less of something?  Make the changes and try again. Compare your first effort with the later efforts and note what changes improved your results. 

One good thing about digital images, they can be deleted easily and the space reused, and if the time spent improves your knowledge and skills, it is certainly not wasted either. Practice will develop any motor or mental skill, so it’s time to get started.  

Speaking of starting, the Van Wert Area Photography club will meet Thursday, April 11, at 114 S. Race St. in Van Wert at 7 p.m.

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