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Tuesday, May. 24, 2022

Monday Mailbag: coaches and more

SCOTT TRUXELL/independent sports editor

This week’s Monday Mailbag centers around coaching changes around the area, along with a question about high school football and Coaches Corner.

Q: What’s up with all of the recent high school coaching changes? Are they somehow connected? Name withheld upon request

A: I doubt they’re connected, but it does seem like a lot in recent weeks. I think it’s safe to say the coaches who resigned did so for different reasons.

Q: When you do you think Van Wert will hire a new basketball coach and are there any frontrunners? Name withheld upon request

A: It could happen as soon as the May Board of Education meeting for the girls and boys teams. I’m not saying it will happen then, just that it could.

A lot of factors go into a coaching search and hire – posting the job internally and externally, going through resumes, interviews and sometimes second interviews, trying to project what, if any teaching positions will be open, etc. It’s not always the quickest process.

As far as frontrunners, I don’t have any, simply because I haven’t seen the list of applicants.

Q: Who will replace Jeremy Best at Crestview? Name withheld upon request

A: Your guess is as good as mine. It’s early in the process, the job has to be posted, interviews done, followed by discussion.

Q: Will Jeremy Best return to coaching? Name withheld upon request

A: Only time will tell.

Q: Football question here: Who do you think the favorite will be in the WBL and how do you think Van Wert will do? Name withheld upon request

A: It’s never too early to talk about football. As far as an early favorite in the Western Buckeye League, I’d have to say it’s defending champion St. Marys Memorial.

Van Wert has some holes to fill, yet the Cougars should have some nice returning players. If all goes well, I’d like to think they’ll finish in the top half of the league.

Q: What happened to Coaches Corner? Name withheld upon request

A: Don’t worry, it’s just on hiatus until the fall sports season. So it’ll be back, along with some exciting new features.

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