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Tuesday, Oct. 3, 2023

VWHS baseball team gives thanks

To the Editor:

The Van Wert High School baseball program would like to extend a serious amount of thanks and gratitude to a multitude of people who made winning a sectional championship at Smiley Park possible Saturday night.  

As many people know, the varsity field was completely flooded out due to the torrential rains that passed through the area Thursday night. Standing water almost reached the infield surface and was close to three feet deep in some areas of the outfield fence. Various people began to pump the water off the field starting around noon on Friday to the open field across the street from the park.  

Since Town Creek was so high, the outlet tile was submerged, giving the water nowhere to drain. We soon realized that the pumps we had working were not moving enough water, so several city departments came to the rescue. The VWFD (Van Wert Fire Department) allowed us to borrow one of their pumps and the city sewer, water, and parks departments actually sent manpower out with large industrial water pumps.  

These men did not have to do what they did for the program. This wasn’t a city emergency, it was simply a baseball program trying to host a state tournament game. Regardless, these city workers put in hours upon hours to get the field drained. 

Parents, city workers, players, and coaches continued to push water off the outfield until 11:30 Friday night and were back at it at 8 Saturday morning. By morning, Town Creek came down enough that the field started draining naturally. Most of you know, but we were able to host the sectional championship at 5 Saturday evening in front of a huge crowd. We won the game 7-4.  

None of that would have been remotely possible without what was nothing less than a herculean effort by many people, too many to name in this letter. All said, there had to be hundreds of thousands of gallons pumped off the surface of the field. Van Wert High School baseball appreciates the great community we live in and the people that make this place special. Go Cougars!

VWHS baseball coaching staff

via email

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