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Monday, Aug. 8, 2022

Photography Club sets waterfall sites

The first two stops on the Van Wert Area Photography Club’s July waterfalls trip are Greenville Falls and Ludlow Falls. The tour is scheduled for Thursday, July 11 (weather permitting).   

Greenville Falls will be of both scenic and historical interest, since it is the site of one of the first hydro-electric plants in Ohio. Built by Richard M. Albery Sr. and sons in 1897, the remains of the dam, sluice gate, run, turbine towers, and machinery can still be seen. The location of each is indicated on the park map and all are potential photo opportunities. 

Cheryl Konst’s photo of Ludlow Falls.

Parking at the north park entrance will provide access to the falls overlook where Greenville Creek descends about 20 feet in elevation in a very short distance and a trail beyond leads to some remnants of the dam. Southeast parking will have a trail leading to the other park features and a view of a natural limestone arch on the west side of the creek.

Continuing on to Ludlow Falls, photographers will view a waterfall, depending on the water level, as much as 60 feet across where Ludlow Creek drops 15 feet into a gorge. If the level is low, there may be several narrower plunges. If you are agile, there are a number of locations along the creek to provide different views of the falls. 

From there the club will continue on to West Milton Falls and finally, Charleston Falls. Next week we’ll have information about those falls and details of the tour.

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