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Monday, May. 16, 2022

Random Thoughts: pay for play and more

SCOTT TRUXELL/independent sports editor

This week’s Random Thoughts center around a new football opponent for Wayne Trace, fall sports practices, Trevor Bauer, thoughts from a reader on college pay to play and the NFL preseason.

Wayne Trace finds an opponent

Hats off to Wayne Trace Athletic Director Jim Linder for acting quickly to find a new Week No. 8 opponent in football.

To replace Holgate, the Raiders will host Dayton Jefferson on October 18.

The Broncos, members of the Metro Buckeye Conference, finished 1-9 last season.

Ready to practice

Practices for fall high school sports will begin this Thursday, and it won’t be long before the new season gets underway in various sports.

Where did the summer go?

Trevor Bauer

I have to say, tantrum or not, Cleveland Indians pitcher Trevor Bauer made an impressive throw on Sunday. Upset at the prospect of getting yanked from the game, Bauer delivered a strike from the mound to beyond the center field wall.

He later apologized and said his emotions got the best of him.

Pay for play

Last week’s thoughts on the age old question of paying college athletes sparked some local discussion.

This is what a reader, who asked to remain anonymous, had to say about it.
It has been edited for length, but the meaning has not changed.

“You’re right that scholarship they are getting is indeed pay, and good pay at that. In addition, though, there are all sorts of other benefits. As a student at BGSU all those years ago, it was always upsetting to me to realize that our athletes got so many “extras” that the rest of us students didn’t see: special meals at their training tables; free tutoring when needed; living in a special dorm which included supervised study tables; in some cases, sample copies of tests to be administered in those regular classes which some of the jocks had to take. They also got special fees dispensation deals, such as not having to pay to have a car on campus.”

“I’m not saying–nor would I want to imply–that many of those athletes were not quality students. There were many who were good athletes and were terrific in the classroom as well. But a large portion of those guys were treated royally, which translated to dollars, meaning they were paid quite well while the remainder of us were working two jobs, plus carrying full-time class loads just to get through.”

“Sour grapes? Perhaps a few. But I’m certain today’s athletes are still getting many special perks–pay, if you will–for playing a game. I find it interesting that colleges today even have to brag at times about their graduation rates among athletes, as if that should even be a problem. The naive little country boy in me thinks, shouldn’t they all graduate?”

“Pay college athletes? Never! They’re already being paid in so many ways.”

NFL preseason

The NFL preseason kicks off Thursday night in Canton, with the Hall of Fame Game between the Atlanta Falcons and the Denver Broncos.

Count me among the people who wouldn’t mind seeing the NFL drop down to two preseason games. Think about it – it makes sense. Fans have to pay full price for these exhibition games and they’re paying to watch players who may not be on the roster on opening day.

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