The Van Wert County Courthouse

Friday, Aug. 19, 2022

Photography clubs take sculpture photos

Members of the Van Wert Area Photography and Lima Photography clubs met Saturday, August 10, at the courthouse in Decatur, Indiana, to record the 28 new sculptures and numerous permanent sculptures scattered about the downtown area.

“Solitude” by Tuck Langland of Granger, Indiana. 

Due to sidewalk renovation, some pieces were placed in locations where it was difficult to minimize backgrounds without sacrificing a good view of the subject.  As a result, the subject won out and backgrounds were somewhat blurred by settings that provide a shallow depth of field or will be diminished by editing.

When the day started, the sky was relatively overcast, but by 11 a.m. the clouds had drifted away leaving a clear sky, but bearable temperatures.  A little after noon we were ready to break for lunch, which was so good, two purchased a half-pound of fish to take home!

The group then went to shoot the permanent sculptures located on the banks of the St. Marys River between the East Jackson St. and East Monroe St. bridges. Since this was a second opportunity for some to photograph these pieces, they were able to focus in on the artist’s attention to details instead of capturing the total work.

An example was Gary Hovey’s sculpture of an eagle lifting off the water with a fish in its talons. Made totally of table knives, forks and spoons, he had bent some forks to represent the splash of pulling the fish from the water.  It is really an amazing creation.

You can learn more about the tour by searching “Sculpture Tour in Decatur Indiana” or getting a free “Decatur Sculpture Tour” brochure from the white box at the northeast corner of the courthouse square on Second Street.

We were saddened to learn on Sunday that long-time club member, Joe Schramm had passed away during the night.  When we receive more details we’ll pass them along.  If that should occur before next week’s publication, check the Van Wert Photography Club’s Facebook page where information will be promptly posted.

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