The Van Wert County Courthouse

Friday, Aug. 19, 2022

Club members invited to final meeting

The Van Wert Area Photography Club invites any present or past members of both the Van Wert Area Photography Club and Wassenberg Camera Club to a special meeting on Thursday, October 10, at 114 S. Race St. in Van Wert.

Starting at 7 p.m., it is hoped that the meeting will provide guidance on disbanding the club and determining how, when, and where to disperse its financial and physical assets. It is felt that these decisions are too serious for just the two remaining dues-paying members and one lifetime member to make. If more people are involved, the resulting decisions are more likely to be the right ones and have no unintended consequences.

No doubt there will be some with good ideas who can’t make the meeting.  Email, write, message, text, or call Rex at 567.259.8951 or or stop in at 431 Boyd Ave. in Van Wert and give me your suggestions and I will present them to the others at the meeting.

The intent is to get this invitation out early so you can get it on your calendars and think about what should be done. Information and decisions will be sent to The Times Bulletin for the Wednesday issue, posted in the Van Wert Independent Community & Columns, the VWAPC Facebook page and my Facebook page.  Feel free to share it on your Facebook page.  The more input we receive, the more likely it is that we can do the right thing.

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