The Van Wert County Courthouse

Saturday, Aug. 13, 2022

Club donates cameras to Historical Society

On Sunday, November 3, the Van Wert County Historical Museum gained three additional film cameras for its photography exhibit. The cameras came from the Van Wert Photography Club’s collection. 

Museum Trustee Larry Webb selected a Peerless sliding box camera produced from 1887-94 by the Rochester Optical Company in Rochester, New York; an Argus C3 rangefinder camera produced from 1933-66 in Ann Arbor, Michigan; and a Mamiya C3 Professional twin-lens reflex medium-format camera made from 1962-65 in Japan.

Historical Society Trustee Larry Webb (center), with Camera Club representatives Larry Dickerhoff (left), and Rex Dolby, hold the new museum acquisitions.

The Peerless is a front-focusing view camera with a 4 x 5 brass lens. The back is 4 x 5 and is non-reversing with a single swing. The body is made of mahogany and cherry.

The Argus (nicknamed “the brick” because of its appearance and durability) was “the most commercially significant 35mm camera produced in this country selling over 2 million cameras during a 25-30 year period,” according to Henry Gambino.

The museum’s Mamiya is based on the Mamiyaflex series built from 1949-1956. The C series began in 1956 and upgrades continued till 1994. Initially, the camera was intended for professional photographers, but was later modified for the amateur market as well.

The Camera Club’s remaining film cameras will first be offered free of charge to historical groups, civic groups, schools and programs like 4-H in Van Wert County and then to similar groups outside our county. Contact Rex Dolby at 567.259.8951 to schedule an appointment. 

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