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Tuesday, Oct. 3, 2023

Candidates should be qualified

To the Editor:

Reading in the Van Wert independent about the three GOP candidates who are seeking the nomination for Van Wert County treasurer, I have to ask these questions.  

Why are these positions based on political party?  It seems to me during the last election there was a candidate who was fully qualified, having multiple years of experience for the position of treasurer, but did not win in the general election solely because she identified with the Democratic party. Does this county have such prejudices that it would not vote for a Democrat but rather elect a Republican?  At any cost?  (I’m afraid that cost is currently coming to fruition).  

Shouldn’t our County/City officials be elected based solely on qualifications, irrespective of party? Do we not want the best and brightest individuals representing us and guiding this city toward the future? Should it matter what their political affiliation, as long as they are working for the County/City of Van Wert? Isn’t this the greater good?  

Other counties throughout Ohio elect their officials without regard to political party; shouldn’t Van Wert County do the same? How is this county going to move forward into the 21st century and still carry the same outdated prejudices and biases along with it?  We cannot!  

The biggest question I have — shouldn’t individuals running for the position of treasurer and/or auditor have to be qualified?  By qualified, I mean either through experience, education, or a combination of both. These positions should not to be taken lightly by the general public and we as citizens should demand/expect more from our officials.  

Candidates who are running for the office of treasurer ought to be uniquely qualified for the position. Maybe the position of treasurer and/or auditor should no longer be an elected position, but rather a position for hire?  

Kevin Kelly
Van Wert 
via email

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