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Sunday, Jul. 14, 2024

DeWine coronavirus actions praised

COLUMBUS — Leading business organizations across Ohio tonight praised Governor DeWine’s recent actions to curb the spread of coronavirus, which causes COVID-19. Most recently, the Governor announced his decision to close bars and restaurants to in-house patrons until further notice, in order to limit community spread of the disease.

“The Ohio Chamber of Commerce commends the Governor for making the difficult decision to close all restaurants and bars across Ohio except for carryout orders. We know this difficult decision was made in consultation with leading health experts, including Dr. Amy Acton, who are recommending actions to keep Ohioans safe during this unprecedented time. We support Governor DeWine’s decision because we believe taking steps now to confront the coronavirus will ultimately benefit our state by limiting the spread of the disease and enable Ohio to get back to normal sooner.” Read the full release.
Ohio Chamber of Commerce President & CEO Andrew E. Doehrel

“The Ohio Business Roundtable supports Ohio Health Director Dr. Amy Acton’s order to temporarily close Ohio’s restaurants and bars to indoor service. We recognize the magnitude and impact of this measure on one of Ohio’s key industries, but believe it is necessary to slow the spread of the virus to our most vulnerable citizens. We appreciate the DeWine/Husted Administration’s coordination with leaders of Ohio’s restaurant industry and applaud Governor DeWine’s leadership in this unprecedented public health crisis. As we have seen in other parts of the world, it is critical to take these actions before the virus can spread further.” Read the full release.
–Ohio Business Roundtable (OBRT)President & CEO Pat Tiberi

“The governor’s decisive actions are buying us more time. Every day we delay the spread that we know is coming, the stronger Ohio and our nation will be in the months and years to come.” Read the full release.
–Ohio Manufacturers’ Association (OMA) President Eric Burkland

“During this unprecedented health care crisis, the Ohio Council of Retail Merchants supports the Governor’s decision to help reduce community spread of the Coronavirus by closing bars and eliminating dine-in service at restaurants, many of which are our members, for an indefinite period of time. We understand the difficulty of his decision but appreciate the relief measures the Governor is putting into place for these businesses and their employees. Government and the private sector need to work together to get control of this situation for the benefit of all Ohioans.” Read the full release.
–Ohio Council of Retail Merchants President & CEO Gordon Gough

“We are thankful for the leadership of Gov. DeWine during these uncertain times. The concerns around the rapid spread of COVID-19 have already had a major impact on our daily routines. Now, with the Governor’s difficult decision to close the state’s restaurants and bars, it will impact the food service sector in ways that have never been seen before. We strongly back the Ohio Restaurant Association as they navigate this challenging situation and we encourage consumers to show their support for those in the restaurant industry and throughout the supply chain by using carryout and delivery services. One thing is certain as we all navigate short term disruptions in our lives, farmers in Ohio and across the country will continue to deliver a safe and abundant food supply. That is something we can all appreciate.” Read the full release.
–Ohio Farm Bureau Executive Vice President Adam Sharp

“This is clearly an unprecedented time in U.S. history and challenging for all Americans and Ohioans and we are thankful to have worked with Governor DeWine’s office on the next steps regarding Ohio’s restaurant, foodservice and hospitality industry.  We are exploring all possible federal, state and local relief and economic stimulus options, and plan to share those as quickly as possible. Our business concerns are focused on helping owners/operators, employees and consumers. Ohio restaurants are gearing up to offer great food via pick-up windows, carryout, curbside pickup and delivery. It’s important to remember we’re all in this together so restaurants are here now and after this crisis.” Read the full release.
Ohio Restaurant Association President and CEO John Barker

“Gov. DeWine has been a national leader in responding to the growing threat of COVID. Ohio’s counties deeply appreciate his strong leadership and willingness to partner with counties in addressing this unprecedented challenge to our communities.” Read the full release.
–County Commissioners Association of Ohio (CCAO) President Carl Davis

“The need to stop the spread of the coronavirus could not be more urgent. We commend Gov. DeWine’s difficult, but extraordinarily important decision to temporarily close Ohio’s bars and restaurants. While this will be difficult, we believe the support systems that the Governor is putting in place, such as expanding access to unemployment compensation, are critically important and will help workers and small businesses during this unprecedented crisis.” Read the full release.
–Ohio Mayors Alliance Board Members

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