The Van Wert County Courthouse

Friday, Aug. 19, 2022

Making art during these challenging times

There aren’t the usual exhibits, events, and art classes to share during these unprecedented challenges we all face. So I’m writing to all from me, from my new office, in my kitchen. It’s not a terrible place to be. My Labrador, Tate, is enjoying freedom from his crate. Plus, there are snacks close by. 

Many home offices have sprouted up around the country. This is mine. 

Matt, our office manager, Joe our event coordinator, and I have been brainstorming ways to continue to serve our area through the arts. We like to think we are essential in a support way, by helping to keep young people busy while they adjust to different learning techniques, hanging around the house by offering alternative ways to create. 

We will soon be posting some online demonstrations from our home studios (aka hamster holes) so the public can observe artists in their natural habitats! Matt, an exceptional artist will demonstrate some printmaking, drawing on a Wacom tablet, and maybe some other drawing/painting techniques. Joe will demonstrate some stained glass work, and I will be showing some ceramics techniques. 

The Magic Art Supply Box that sits outside by our fish pond is stuffed full of free art supplies! Go take something and show us on social media what you made. We also accept donations of art supplies such as crayons, sketchpads, watercolors, colored pencils, acrylic paint and tiny canvases. Please email: if you would like to contribute.

We are accepting black and white line art drawings in a vertical format until Thursday, March 26 for incorporation into adult and youth coloring books. You will be able to download the coloring book from our Facebook page or email us a request. If you would like to enter your art, the winning artist wins $150. Email us at for the details. We do have one printed version of coloring book available now in the Magic Art Supply Box. This is an illustrated book of African proverbs by Gary Friar, an artist friend located in South Africa.

Printed and downloadable coloring books are being made by the Wassenberg Art Center and are located in their free art supply box

In addition, we will post a video of our current exhibit, Pop of Color by Mary Hopson. Unfortunately, the art center had to close the day after she dropped off her paintings! These paintings are for sale and at very reasonable prices. We will also talk about our permanent exhibit Faces of Little Bighorn by Van Wert native, David Humphreys Miller. There are some stories there!

For cooped up kids (big and small), we offer our wassenBox. wassenBox is a monthly craft box subscription which arrives in the mail. Each box is designed and created by the Wassenberg staff — so each box is completely unique. Aside from all the benefits of art supplementation, this can keep young people busy for hours. Each kit arrives complete with supplies, a welcome poster, with coordinating stickers and a specially designed activity/instruction book. Crafts for two separate age groups are available, ages 3-7 and 7 and up. Kits are gender neutral. Sign up anytime at $22 per month. wassenBox automatically renews until you cancel. Sign up here: or email at for alternative ways to participate.

Stay well, make stuff. 

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