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Tuesday, Jun. 2, 2020

Random Thoughts: sports movies & more

SCOTT TRUXELL/independent sports editor

This week’s edition of Random Thoughts features thoughts about a spring sports timeline, spring sports previews, a big thank you and sports movies you may enjoy while staying at home.

Still waiting

I’ll get off my soap box after this, I promise.

I’m still wondering why the Ohio High School Athletic Association hasn’t put out a timeline, should spring sports be played next month.

I’m sure athletic directors and coaches around northwest Ohio and the state would like at least a time to come up with a revised schedule of games and to know what the tournament schedule will look like.

As it stands now, practices would resume May 1 and I’m guessing games and track meets would begin May 7 or 8. Tournament dates can be moved to some degree, but not much.

Having said all of that, it might be a moot point but let’s hope it doesn’t come to that.

I’m stepping off my soap box now.

Spring sports previews

While spring sports remain up in the air, until we hear differently from the Ohio High School Athletic Association, we’re proceeding like baseball, softball and tennis matches will be played and track and field meets will be run.

Accordingly, look for Crestview, Lincolnview and Van Wert spring sports previews in the coming days.

Thank you

I’d like to say thank you to Van Wert High School senior wrestler Gabe Steyer, wrestling coach Ben Collins and Parkway boys basketball coach Doug Hughes for sharing their thoughts for feature stories that ran Friday and Monday.

I know it wasn’t easy for them to talk about how their respective seasons came to an abrupt end, but they did a great job expressing and sharing their emotions.

All three are class acts.

Sports movies

If you’re into sports movies, especially given the current situation, I have a couple of suggestions.

Don’t laugh – these aren’t new movies by any means but if you’re into college sports, you may enjoy these.

One is The Program, which came out in 1993. It stars James Caan and shows a side of college football you don’t always see. I’m not saying it’s a cinematic masterpiece, but it’s an interesting movie for football fans.

The other is Blue Chips, which came out in 1994. Nick Nolte, Shaquille O’Neal and Penny Hardway star in this one and it’s about seedy side of college basketball. Some of the movie was filmed in Indiana.

Another one that I still like – North Dallas Forty, which came out in 1979 and also stars Nick Nolte. It’s a comedy-drama features a team that resembles the Dallas Cowboys (they’re called the Dallas Bulls in the movie), and it depicts the darker side of pro football.

Any or all are worth watching, especially if you haven’t seen them.

If you have thoughts on any of the above subjects, feel free to email me at

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