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Wednesday, May. 22, 2024

Kids: Good communication needed

To the Editor:

My name is Alex Sherer. I am working on my Communications Merit Badge in Boy Scouts. I want to help kids with knowing about good communication and bad communication.

Kids get bored when they are in lockdown. We spend more time playing games and stuff on the Internet. Parents need to remember that Internet predators are bored too, and predators have more time to go after kids on the internet.

I have some ideas to prevent boredom for kids in lockdown.

Teach kids how to bake bread, cookies, and grandma’s meatloaf. I know how to make homemade bread from scratch without looking at a recipe.

Families could play board games or card games together. This is good communication.

Families can plan ahead for the next emergency. Emergency preparedness planning is important so we never have another toilet paper apocalypse. I earned my Emergency Preparedness Merit Badge in Boy Scouts. It has helped my parents and my grandparents prepare for emergencies. This is good communication. Here is a link to help for emergency preparedness:

Families can plant a victory garden to share food. We are making a straw bale garden and a Ruth Stout method garden. We have potatoes chitting and sweet potatoes growing slips. We started our own garden plants from seeds. 

It is important that we prevent boredom for kids by doing things together as a family and not be in danger of becoming a victim of bad communication with an Internet predator.

Alex Sherer, 14
Middle Point 
via email

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