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Saturday, Jul. 2, 2022

Random Thoughts: NFL draft and more

SCOTT TRUXELL/independent sports editor

This week’s Random Thoughts center around the NFL draft and its presentation on ESPN, ABC and the NFL Network, draft grades, draft analysts, quarterbacks and JK Dobbins.

Well done

I have to admit the finished product of the NFL draft came out much better than I thought it would.

There were very few noticeable glitches and for the most part it was a smooth presentation by ESPN, ABC and the NFL Network.

Of course, the plan is go back to the normal format next year and the draft will be held in Cleveland. However, given the COVID-19 situation, this year’s draft was something different and enjoyable.

Draft grades

It’s fun to read the various draft grades put out by the so-called draft experts and it’s fun to debate which picks were good and which ones weren’t.

However, none of us will really know how good or bad it was for two or three years. That’s just the way it is.

Sign me up

Having said we won’t know for two or three years how this draft class will fare, sign me up to be a draft analyst on ESPN or the NFL Network.

I like the job description. You get to watch video of a bunch of college football players, rank them then speculate where they may or should go, and collect a big check while doing it.

Sounds like a great gig.


Even though I’m a Cleveland Browns fan, I hope Joe Burrow succeeds in Cincinnati.

Miami taking Tua Tagovailoa at No. 5 is a huge risk because of his injury history. Also, the last Alabama quarterback to really make it in the NFL was Kenny Stabler, whose best years were in the mid-1970s.

I get the feeling Justin Hebert (No. 6, LA Chargers) will be on the field sooner than he should be, while Jordan Love (No. 26, Packers) won’t be on the field anytime soon if Aaron Rodgers has his way.

I felt bad for Washington’s Jacob Eason and Georgia’s Jake Fromm.
Eason went in the fourth round to the Colts, which could be a good fit for him. Fromm was finally picked in the fifth round by Buffalo.

Both were projected to go much higher and it was tough seeing them in their homes with their families, waiting for the call that came much later than expected.

JK Dobbins

As a Browns fan, I have an intense dislike of the Baltimore Ravens.

Yes, this November will mark 25 years since Art Modell announced he was moving the Browns to Baltimore. I haven’t gotten over it. I should, but I haven’t and probably won’t.

I enjoyed JK Dobbins and his time at Ohio State and there was one place I hoped he wouldn’t wind up – Baltimore.

If it’s possible, I like the Ravens even less now.

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