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Friday, Mar. 1, 2024

Masks donated to Marsh residents, staff

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Those living in communal situations are at a higher risk of contracting COVID 19 because of their close proximity to others. When The Marsh Foundation expressed a need for protective masks, community members were quick to respond. 

Director of Residential Services Megan Tuttle was impressed with the immediate offers to help that she received. 

Shown are some of the masks donated to The Marsh Foundation by community members. Marsh photo

“I love how in a time of need you can reach out to individuals and they selflessly help both the youth we serve as well as the employees that work at The Marsh Foundation,” she said. “Thank you is not a big enough declaration to express our gratitude for their generosity! It is so comforting to know that people care so much for our essential workers.”

Deb Bergdorf and mother-daughter team Becca and Bryar Suever sewed and donated more than 100 masks between them. The masks will be used by both youths and staff in situations where there might be risk for exposure. 

“We are limiting off campus activities and doing as much as we can to avoid exposure, but we must be prepared for what might come,” Tuttle said.  

Bergdorf said she is proud to be able to help The Marsh. 

“Everyone deserves to feel protected and safe during these uncertain times and to have access to protection,” she noted.

Becca Suever echoed those sentiments. 

“As cliché as it sounds, I decided to make masks to donate to set an example for my kids that when you can give, you do,” she said, adding she is happy that it became a family activity with her daughter. “It makes my heart happy to know that in 20 years, when everyone talks about this time in history, her story will be how we spent time together sewing masks and donating them to help keep people safe and healthy.”

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