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Thursday, May. 6, 2021

VWCT seeks help to weather pandemic

DEB DUNCAN-FAUL/for the Van Wert independent

The cherished thespian battle cry “the show must go on” has been met with an unyielding foe this year: COVID-19. 

Rick Workman (left) and Steve Lane perform a scene from 2019’s The Sunshine Boys. Van Wert independent file photo

Theatre groups from Broadway and London’s West End, to beloved community theaters, continue to sit in silence, with only the ghosts of past shows and applause to keep them company. But as relentless as this foe may be, and as unsettling as this is to the thousands of people who love and support live theatre, there still shine countless footlights of hope. 

Each and every person who has ever attended, helped, performed, and supported a Van Wert Civic Theatre production can now take center stage for the greatest role of a lifetime — as a lifeline to keep the curtain rising on local theatre through the “SOS, Save Our Stage” campaign.

When the pandemic struck, Van Wert Civic Theatre ceased all performances. Unfortunately, operating expenses needed to keep the theater viable and ready to go when it is safe to open up again did not stop. Some of these expenses include mortgage payments, utilities, insurance, tax filings, and inspections, to name a few. While cost-cutting measures have been taken, the truth is VWCT needs help to make sure the show will go on. 

The goal is to raise enough money to cover expenses and prevent the theatre from being forced into a devastating financial situation as this pandemic continues. The theatre board is encouraging those patrons who have held season tickets in the past to donate the amount that would have been spent on season tickets toward the SOS campaign. All others, whether they’ve seen a show or not, also have a chance to play a huge part in the future of Van Wert Civic Theatre.  

The Van Wert Civic Theatre board thanks all who have already given to the SOS campaign, and says “thank you” in advance to all who will make this valuable, tax-deductible contribution. Donations can be sent to Van Wert Civic Theatre, P.O. Box 823, Van Wert, OH 45891 or made online at

As a final curtain call, those at Van Wert Civic Theatre say they miss the performances, the audiences, the volunteers, the actors, and the crews. They ask that everyone stay safe and hope that, once again very soon, they will be able take a bow to an audience’s applause.

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