The Van Wert County Courthouse

Wednesday, May. 22, 2024

Library director thanks supporters

To the Editor:

I wish to extend my very special thanks to all who supported the recent passage of the much needed Brumback Library renewal levy. I gratefully appreciate the funding that the property owners/voters have made possible with this passage.  

The following individuals, volunteers, organizations, local officials, and businesses were a great help in the campaign itself, I thank them most sincerely: The Brumback Library Board of Trustees, Mrs. Sally Snyder, president; Mrs. Robert Stripe, vice president; Mrs. Ron Bagley, secretary; and trustees Mr. Michael Cross, Mrs. David L. Brumback, Mr. David L. Brumback IV, and Mr. Gary Taylor;  the Trustees of the Library Enrichment Foundation of the Brumback Library, The Citizens for the Brumback Library Levy Committee, Mr. Gary Taylor, chairman; Kim Carr, Brendan Carr, Marcia and Stan Weldy, Tom Wise,  Larry Oechsle, The Marsh Foundation, Rebecca Harlan, Linda Agler Evans, Nancy Dixon, Sara Lape, and Pam Henderson; Van Wert County Board of Elections, The Van Wert County Commissioners, The Van Wert Independent, David Mosier, editor and publisher; Chris Roberts and Dave Roach; The Times Bulletin, Kirsten Barnhart, editor; Sherry Missler and Nikki Swaney; Judy Bunner and staff of The Photo Star; Deb Kleinhenz; Harrison Frech; Adam and Steve Long; Karen Hoverman; Cindy Money; and Rose Mowery.  

Special thanks are also extended to everyone who hosted signs, wrote letters to the editor, recorded radio ads, and to the more than 300 volunteers who generously donated their time, financial resources, service, and efforts to the Citizens for the Brumback Library Campaign.

I encourage Van Wert County residents of all ages to avail themselves to the resources, services, and programming efforts that the Brumback Library offers to one and all. We strive to meet the educational, informational, and recreational reading needs of all patrons. Thank you for your patronage and continued interest and support.

With sincere gratitude,

John J. Carr, director,
The Brumback Library

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